This Is What The Nhs Needs To Address Before Any More Money Is Given To Them

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youngmafbog | 13:51 Fri 02nd Feb 2018 | News
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Pus the terrible inadequate and bloated management structure of course


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" The prices of many specials are set by the suppliers because they are unregulated, according to an investigation in The Times by Paul Morgan-Bentley"

makes you wonder how they keep on going, they are always bleating on about not having enough money, this goes to show in large areas they are awash with the stuff.
An enormous loophole that needs closing immediately.
been saying it for years AOG, the NHS needs to start again. It's full of public sector empire builders and thieves. Money is not the answer, we need some seriously good specialist management to cut the tish.
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Agree TTT, although I know I am knocking on a bit these days I dont think I have quite reached the dizzy heights of good ol AOG!!
Youngmafbog. When you say that no more money should be given to the NHS I would suggest a single, one off fund be created to make redundancy payments to every non-clinical position between team leader and director. If a director can't work without several layers of managers between them and the folks actually doing the work then they shouldn't be there either.
This may seem drastic but the system is so unwieldy that it is now impossible to fix by tinkering around the edges.
The savings in salaries and the other costs involved can then be directed to patient care, which is where should be. It would also release the bottlenecks which currently inhibit patient care and allow support staff ( IT, HR etc) to simply do their jobs.

At the same time a Royal commission or similar ( totally removed from political control) should be set up to consider the whole concept of the NHS in the twenty first century. This would be charged to complete within a timescale of , say, eighteen months After publication, to the general public, of their findings the politicians can put their views to the electorate before the next election.
whoops apols YMB!
Grumpa, some good ideas, it should be run as a proper business would be.
the article you link to says it is being addressed.
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Of course it is jno.

Grumps, some excellent thoughts there.
There’s always one thread per day, minimum, which will attract the uneducated opinionist eeejits. Looks like I found it.
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So you dont hink the NHS should sort out its procurement and bloated management ZM?

I assume you must be part of the problem to have that view.
Yep, I’m part of the problem sunshine. Just as every taxpayer is. So is my wife, who, as an NHS manager, gets up at 6:30 every day and is rarely home before 7, having spent a day stressing about how to balance a budget agiains resources, only to come home to me reading out your uneducated diatribe and falling asleep to do it all again.
Make the National Lottery really National by cutting all the rubbish payouts & running it for the benefit of the NHS.
cutting out payouts from a lottery, that'll work.
I meant payouts to the arts etc. Silly Billy.

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This Is What The Nhs Needs To Address Before Any More Money Is Given To Them

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