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UK Passport Colour

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AB Editor | 15:25 Wed 03rd Jan 2018 | News
58 Answers

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  • I don't care what colour my passport is - 220 votes
  • 56%
  • Yes, this is an important change - 135 votes
  • 35%
  • No, I don't want the colour to change - 35 votes
  • 9%

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If we don’t hear from Mikey again we’ll know the AB secret police came for him :-)
It’s true tho: the EU bit would have to go anyway. So the only thing left is the colour. I like the colour and what could be better than to have lovely blue passports with EU ok them:-) Maybe it’s a sop to pacify the disappointed Brexiters, as they are forced to consume the wine made from the not-so-sour grapes of the treacherous vineyards of deepest Vichy Britain.
Now that the Burgundy’s off ....
I suppose any colour but Burgundy would long as it rattles the cages of the Remainiacs. :))
We’re not in cages, were all freeeeeee! Free from the tyranny of the EU. Free from Angela. Free from immigrants. Free from import duties.

God, Even the air smells better doesn’t it?
People will start jumping off buildings and flapping their arms. And blaming Gina whatsername when they go splat :-)
Given that my passport expires later this year, and I have no intention of renewing, it I could be yellow with pink spots for all I care.
"Given that my passport expires later this year, and I have no intention of renewing,..."

Think carefully dodger. A passport is the most reliable way of proving identity should you need to in order to open a bank account or for many purposes where photo ID is required. I know it's a bind at £70-odd but for £7 a year you have positive ID which is universally accepted. I know of at least one couple who have no intention of travelling abroad but have renewed their passports just for this reason.
Interesting comment NJ. On a visit to the USA many years ago we were asked for ID and produced our passports. The Americans, famously, are unfamiliar with passports, only a small proportion of them having one; we were asked if we had a credit card.
Thanks for the advice New Judge but I very much doubt I will last for another 10 years. We made our final trip to visit family in Australia last year and have no intention of going anywhere else abroad in the future. If my photo driving licence isn't sufficient to prove my identity I will have do without.
For those who had a blue passport ,prior to the EU Maroon one ,will be pleased to see its return.
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Spathy....look at the stats at the top of the page.

More people say "I don't care what colour my passport is" than any other answer, and that is a bigger majority than Mrs May's vote last year, and the result of the Referendum !
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Spathy....100% IS all about colour, which is why the voting went as it did !

A trivial question, about a tirvial matter.
The new passports don't look anything like the old ones.

Just saying :-)
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Yes, should definitely change to show our regained independence from the EU bullies!
I've never had a passport but keeping them updated and changing to a different colour i think is a good idea

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