Motorway Lessons For Learner Drivers Confirmed For 2018

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mikey4444 | 07:04 Sun 13th Aug 2017 | News
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I am not sure if I support this or not. Whilst its a good idea for Learners to have some experience on Motorways, I can help but be nervous of them wobbling all over the road in front of me.


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Good morning mikey..........on balance, I think it is a good idea as some time, they will have to go on the motorway and it is better that they do so in a duel controlled car with an instructor, as their first venture.
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Morning Sqad....not just me up at this early hour then !

Yes, you are probably correct. If the Instructor is a bona fide one, in a proper dual controlled car, then that should be OK
Good idea and not before time. Remember that the L drivers will be in a dual control car with a qualified instructor. Also no driving instructor is going to take a learner on to the M way before they have mastered good car control. So I don't see the wobbling over the road as a problem. I am just wondering what people from Norfolk will do for lessons as it is the only county in England with no M ways.
mikey, your link specifies a driving school dual control car with a qualified instructor.
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Yes...thanks Eddie.





I learned to drive in N Devon - I would have to have driven 50 miles to find a motorway.
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The Cornish are very proud of the A30, Cornwall's Motorway !
Thanks sqad but I was pretty sure Suffolk at least has M ways ?
Eddie...I just tried to be clever......I had to look it up ;-)
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Sqad....we would never have guessed !
You were right Sqad
I stand corrected, though I would argue with the City of London being a county. So even more of a problem then?
I think it's a good idea. I'm still terrified of driving on the motorway after 20 years. I would have welcomed more Mway tuition. However, as you've all said there's that problem of not all parts of the country having easy access to one.

Don't they think about these things before blurting out their plans?
I should have said "I think it's a good idea in principle because...."
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Jo...I might be wrong here but I don't think that there are any plans to include Motorway driving as part of the driving test....that would present problems for many people.
Current situation - young person passes his test, suddenly realises he's the best driver in the world and goes off for a nice fast run on the motorway, never having travelled at those speeds before.
New situation - driver assessed by his instructor to be capable of driving on a motorway has lessons by a fully qualified person in a dual-control car.
How can that ever be a step backwards.
Incidentally, I think learners will be ALLOWED on motorways, NOT forced to go on them, so lack of motorways in certain areas should not be a problem.
Reading the link again, it says ''will be allowed to have M way lessons'' so I read that as it not being compulsory and not part of the driving test.
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bhg...I welcome this move but Motoways are not the only fast and dangerous roads in the UK. Even counties that don't have Motorways, have fast stretches of dual carriage ways, with close to Motorway conditions.

I too am scared of young, newly qualified drivers but this won't help them all.
Mikey - so you think the current situation of allowing people to teach themselves how to drive on a motorway is better than them having professional instruction?

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Motorway Lessons For Learner Drivers Confirmed For 2018

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