Bigots On Th E March In The State Of Virginia

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mikey4444 | 17:08 Sat 12th Aug 2017 | News
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Charlottesville: State of emergency over US far-right rally.

"The mayor condemned the march as a "parade of hatred".


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There really is no point descending into "whataboutery", it's shallow and just makes false equivalencies. A young woman has now been killed, ostensibly over a statue. This question should have been put to bed when the council voted. It's their jurisdiction and their responsibility. A bluddy statue is not worth killing over. Also I just don't buy the idea...
09:52 Mon 14th Aug 2017
Dreadful sight to see, shame on anyone who causes such disruption.
all because of planned removal of a statue of General Robert E Lee.
leave the statue it's part of american history, trying to homogenize history, imagine removing churchills statue, all generals pms' presidents did what is considered now to be appalling.
Now why would anyone object to a statue of pro slavery general being removed, ? Maybe white racist ?
I don't give a fig what their so called excuses are for such behaviour - it's unacceptable.
it's part of their history, should italy destroy statues of ceasars
Do Germany have statues of Hitler I wonder?
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The American Civil War had many reasons for starting, but :::::::

"The Civil War started because of uncompromising differences between the free and slave states over the power of the national government to prohibit slavery in the territories that had not yet become States"

In other words, the South wanted to keep slavery and the north, ie Washington didn't.

By the way, the South lost, something they have yet to accept it would seem.
Look up the word 'bigot' mikey and try to comprehend the meaning of it
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Talbot...I need no lessons in the English language from you or anyone else.

Do you or do you not condemn this gathering of the Far Right ?
Or the far left!
anneasquith, hitler and robert e lee have no camparison, hitler as you know had no problem with (genocide) and mass murder, and started ww2
Those participating seem to be unsavoury supremacist types. But General Lee, he'd be the leader of the South forces in the civil war yes ? And thus a Southern hero figure ? Seems deliberately antagonistic to try to hide that part of US history, then.
I agree, OG.
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OG....the Far Right in America worship Lee, in the same way that the Far Right celebrate Hitler.
I disagree with violent protest and I disagree with suppressing and sanitising history. There’s no education to be had in that. Far better to leave the statue in situ with the addition of an account of the Civil War and the part General Lee played in it.
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Naomi....the Far Right in America are not interested in having Lee's part in their history explained. They have exactly the same view of Lee, as the Far Right here in Europe have of Hitler.

The city council voted to remove a statue of Gen Lee.
That is what democracy is supposed to be all about...rule by the will of the people. This rent-a-mob is trying to circumnavigate that will.
Did the city council represent the will of the people correctly, or their own elitist view ?
Mikey, //That is what democracy is supposed to be all about...rule by the will of the people. This rent-a-mob is trying to circumnavigate that will.//

Sounds familiar. ;o)

However unsavoury, history shouldn’t be airbrushed to suit anyone.
So is this a protest by historians then?
Presumably the reason for the fuss is not the issue of the removal of the statue of General Lee (democratically approved it would seem), but its excuse as a rallying cry by people for whom I think in all honesty mikey the term "bigot" is rather kind.
why stop there any statues of truman..who gave the green light to drop the atomic bomb on hiroshima, less we offend any americans of japanese origin..what about custer and the indians...

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Bigots On Th E March In The State Of Virginia

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