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Is Trump About To Bomb Syria Again ?

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mikey4444 | 11:38 Tue 27th Jun 2017 | News
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If he does, Sir Michael Fallon is ready to support him :::

By the way, if Trump does bomb Syria, over its continued use of chemicall weapons, he has my support as well !


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I think Fallon is just keeping up the rhetoric to keep Assad on his toes.

Far better to use the threat of it than actual bombing that can result in innocents getting killed.
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YMB....Yes, I agree. Assad would be a complete fool to try to use chemical weapons again, given what happened the last time.
The ony problem is if the opposite side have access to some chemical weapons (and I bet they are all over Syria) then they could try to use these to get the West to bomb Assad.

It's a very fine line and we need to not be trigger happy too.
Very interesting what's happening in Syria just now. Trump's determination to go after ISIS in a two pronged attack there (3 if you count Iraq) is bringing him into increased conflict with Assad and Putin. We've had the first shooting down of a Syrian AF plane recently.
As far as chemical weapons goes Trumo is committed to striking at Assad if he uses them again.
And guess what it's 'election' time in Russia next year so the goons are already beefing up Vlad's macho image for the faithful. Hold onto your hats
is he going after the bad guys or the worse guys?
// Far better to use the threat of it than actual bombing that can result in innocents getting killed.//

go quietly and carry a big stick ( Theodore Roosevelt)

(1000 quippers on AB quip: teddy who's-been-felt ? who he den ?)

trumpo - "I will naaart go in to Syria"
is now thinking of going into Syria - 'bad' as Trump himself may say
Trump was always going into Syria to go after IS.
Trump was never going into Syria to wound Assad because Assad hates IS and therefore, as our enemy's enemy, is our friend.
Then reality bit. The world is not that simple.
Coincidence is an unpredictable thing youngmafbog

Maybe Trump will follow Israel's lead in Pre-crime ?

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Is Trump About To Bomb Syria Again ?

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