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The fact that she was 53 years old should have meant she should have known better.

So stupid, so sad for the poor victims. It makes my blood boil!!
27 months is a ridiculous sentence. Sends out all the wrong messages.

Is that all that life is worth?

TwitFace and other tools of the Devil have a lot to answer for.
I think that it can be an addiction.

I'm sure pretty soon we will see TFA meetings around the place.
Nothing is so important that it can't wait until you're parked up - so very sad.
Give the police the authority to stamp on the phone of an offender.
I can't even walk and text or walk and talk. How can these people even imagine that they can drive and use the phone.

She is the same age as me - and I thought that I lacked common sense.
Poor woman, she looks terrified. A stupid moment, with permanent tragic consequences.
Everyone should know better, it's not like it's a new law!!

Had she forgotten there are 24 hours in a day...

She should have got longer, much longer. She killed someone, his wife will probably be in pain for the rest of her life and their grandson will have to live with what he witnessed too. Devastating...
On the M25 as well! You need eyes in the back of your head on there. Stupid woman.
I imagine pleading guilty will have reduced the sentence.
Does the driving ban kick in when she gets out of prison?
I don't think TwitFace etc are to blame. If they didn't exist, the stupid woman would still have been texting or emailing.
God knows why people think that what they have to say is more important than keeping their eyes on the road.

So sad for the poor man's widow, grandson and rest of his family.
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Murdo, I think the distinction may be in the minds of jurors: they think "that could have been me driving and accidentally killing someone", whereas they know perfectly well they'd never handle a gun in the first place.

This isn't irrational: it involves an underlying assumption that cars are used by almost everyone for transport, and are generally vital to the running of society, and given the volume of use, momentary inattention by a lot of people is inevitable Guns on the other hand have only purpose, killing something, and any carelessness at all will be looked on more severely.

I'm not talking particularly about this case - sending texts while you drive is lunacy - but I think it's fair that the justice system distinguishes between cars and guns.
I feel so dreadfully sorry for the man who lost his life and his devastated family. No sympathy for HER whatsoever and I wish she'd been banned for life from driving.
its about time there were stiffer sentences for those using mobiles behind the wheel.

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