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Four More Bank Holidays

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AB Editor | 14:31 Mon 24th Apr 2017 | News
43 Answers

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Would you like 4 more bank holidays a year?

  • No - 127 votes
  • 65%
  • Yes - 68 votes
  • 35%

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Blushing in corner Zacs xxxxxxxxxxxxx
OK, I read it as a separate holiday in each UK country.
Couldn't agree more OG ..
I have to work on Bank Holiday weekends. We've got enough as it is.

When politicians give out extra days off they forget that some people still have to work, and it's a burden on small businesses. Cameron did the same for the Royal Wedding in 2012.
Yes I would love more bank holidays so I voted yes but in reality it's not workable to have 4 more so I would not expect it but if they were forced on me I'd take them. It would be more workable to have 1 more bank holiday to celebrate UK independence day in my opinion.
Voted no because although I'd like them i have enough sense to realize the hit on the economy would be far too much at this point in time.

In fact four more just added would be too great at anytime. Phased over 20 years maybe?
Perhaps we could move Lefty Day (mayday) to UK Independence day TTT?
Britain is badly off for holidays. And England especially. N Ireland has July 12 as well as March 17 and Scotland has Jan 2.
Yes please !
Typical Labour, giving away someone else's money. This could cripple some small companies.
Labour shouldn't need this gimmick....all they have to do is to concentrate on the parlous state of the NHS, and the imminent collapse of the Social Care system, all of which has got steadily worse in the last 7 years.
No........just, No.
yes lets move, red flag day YMB!
Another 4 days off for schools. Don't they get enough already ?!

If he were to get in, I'd like to see November 5th as a public holiday.
Yes. Countries with more holidays are actually more productive (e.g. Switzerland, Sinagapore, Finland, Germany etc...). US and UK way behind. I'm OK with the Saint's Days but would rather have secular holidays. While I think this country is pathetic in the way it's trying to be more like the regressive US, I do like the American (and Canadian) Thanksgiving festivals. Many countries (and religions) have Harvest Festivals and in some they are a secular holiday similar to Thanksgiving.
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I'm OK with the Saint's Days but would rather have secular holidays.

Your wish is granted.
Diane Abbot has just announce the preferable dates for the new bank holidays are

38th April
33rd May
42nd March
63rd July
This comp is so slow :0/

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Four More Bank Holidays

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