Yet Again.

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Jackdaw33 | 03:12 Fri 21st Apr 2017 | News
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At least the French police don't take many prisoners.


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Remember the person who did the crimes in the at Westminster a few weeks ago was killed by a British policeman.

Police in the UK have also been told to "shoot to kill" anyone planning to drive a vehicle at people:
Planning ?
Sounds like we have thought police now.
Why after such Islamic led atrocities do the police decide to raid certain houses and carry out arrests?

If they know where these suspected terrorists reside why haven't they been rounded up and taken off the streets before they can plan and carry out even more killings?
// If they know where these suspected terrorists reside...//

yeah why dont they raid the houses line the occupants up against the wall and shoot them 'whilst they are trying to escape' ?
or drawing a gun whilst their hands are up ?
or something

er I think the answer is - we DON'T have a thought police

hahahaha I love the bit about - dont take prisoners
when s/o has handed himself in ( and become a prisoner)
and they have arrested three other members of the fambly

normal day on answerbank obviously
They had arrested him before - then let him go due to lack of evidence.

They now have good reason to carry out the searches and will be in a position to arrest anyone who has been assisting.

/// They had arrested him before - then let him go due to lack of evidence. ///

And because of that yet another innocent life has been lost.

We should do away with the normal niceties and put them in a Guantanamo Bay type detention camp on some desolate Scottish Island.
I do get your point but as an advocate of innocent until proven guilty I have to disagree.

Unless found guilty of terrorist offenses then as far as I am concerned a short rope and long drop is the best option, wont be murdering anyone again then will they?
nor will our police according to the news this morning, they have been given the go ahead to shoot to kill if a vehicle is seen crashing into pedestrians.

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Yet Again.

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