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India Willoughby’s Jk Rowling Complaint Did Not Meet Criminal Threshold, Police Say

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naomi24 | 10:26 Sun 10th Mar 2024 | News
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//Earlier this week, Willoughby, a trans woman and broadcaster, reported the Harry Potter author to the police for calling her a man.  In an interview with Byline TV, Willoughby, 58, said of the posts: “JK Rowling has definitely committed a crime.//


J K Rowling said //“No law compels anyone to pretend to believe that India is a woman.

“Aware as I am that it’s an offence to lie to law enforcement, I’ll simply have to explain to the police that, in my view, India is a classic example of the male narcissist who lives in a state of perpetual rage that he can’t compel women to take him at his own valuation.”//


Yet again J K Rowling champions women.  Good for her.  Common sense reigns.



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What came first was the assertion by TransRightsActivists that Transwomen were women and should therefore be accorded every right hard-won by women; with full and unfettered access to women-only spaces, inclusion in women-only sports and accorded the langauge and descriptors used by and for women.JKR was one of many (but by no means the first, most vocal...
20:50 Sun 10th Mar 2024

Yes, good for her.

Score one for the good guys.

Someone needs to speak up against these people. Good for her. 

I have been following JKR on X for a long time.

Watching India Willoughby trying to get JKR to interact with him over the years has been hysterical. He's getting more and more desperate and unhinged. Apparently, he is going to 'appeal' the decision of the Police not to get involved.

You'd need a heart of stone not to laugh.


Can't be too long before misgendering is a crime.


So some geezer is upset that JKR wont play along with his dressing up game? MAABOF.

It's all on Twitter.  Fascinating reading.  The delusion is breathtaking.

I don't think doctors would do gender transitional operations just because a person asks for one.. India had hers done some time ago.

Crazy world.  He was born a man and always will be.  

Misgendering should be a crime. We can't have folk like India Willoughby misgendering himself, and others, and inciting others to do the same.

^^Babies are not always born male or female. Some like a young couple I know have hermadophrites. Their baby was born with the genitalia of both male and female. That plus several other abnormalities meant that  sadly the child died when a few months old. 

He was born male not a man. You can be born male but have female genitalia as well. I don't suppose India has shared their intimate details on what they had at birth but maybe this was the case, the same as lady Campbell who was born with male and female genitalia and raised as a boy even though she always felt female. Having said that India seems to relish in being the victim of transphobia and it keeps them in the limelight, which is a personality failing or even mental health issue, not a transphobic issue. If treated as a mental health issue then surely they could be cut a bit of slack instead of stirring the pot like JKR seems to be doing. Sounds to me like they both have agendas.

Rare exceptions are a bad foundation for establishing general law. They need to be considered separately.

Jonathan Willoughby fathered at least one child.

JKR has no agenda save that of protecting the rights of women and girls and ensuring that 'female only' spaces remain just that.

India Willoughby has been trying to get JKR to engage with him, on some level, for years - he chose the name Joanne before he settled on using India; he has done photoshoots wearing clothes very similar to those worn by JKR; he has invited her out for meals, to go clothes-shopping, to have 'girly-evenings' with him. That she has ignored him, despite huge provocation and much name-calling is driving him (more) insane.

^^^Thank you Auntypoll, I was beginning to think that after working 20 years in a pyschiatric hospital that I was the only one who knows there are some true trangenders . 


I worked with a lady who had a voice about an octave lower than mine.

In telephone calls, ninety-nine percent of the time, she was called 'Mr', and she simply laughed it off, because it was a reasonable error to make.

If Ms Willougby was a little less attention-seeking and po faced, she could find something better to do with her time than constantly drawing attention to herself, and then moaning when she gets it.

Auntypoll - // ... instead of stirring the pot like JKR seems to be doing. Sounds to me like they both have agendas. //

I think Ms Rowling is simply robustly responding to unprovoked and unpleasant personal attacks.

I am sure if the transgender morons left her alone, she would be perfectly happy to leave them alone.

Andres - There is now a whole industry(and more) with a vested industry in 'Trans' issues.

Real Transgenderism is rare. The rise in young children being 'diagnosed' as Transgender and being put on medical/chemical regimes is utterly alarming; a scandal which will echo down the years.

AGP men are driving the movement to break down the hardwon rights of women.

India Willoughby is a man, legally, even if he has undergone radical surgery to mould his body into something he is happier with. And no-one can be compelled to refer to him using any female pronouns or speech.

andres - // ... I was the only one who knows there are some true trangenders . //

No-one with any sense would deny that for a second.

But the proportion of genuine transgender people, compared with the dress-up-and-get-some-attention brigade is absolutely an indication of how much these idiots want to bend the world to their views and opinions.

It is not how society works - the majority are catered for, the minority are cared for, the minority to do not get to dictate how the majority will assimilate them.

I am not denying that there has been an uprise in some people wanting to just change  gender just because they want to . That's wrong .  Just trying to point out that there are some true transgenders . 


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India Willoughby’s Jk Rowling Complaint Did Not Meet Criminal Threshold, Police Say

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