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Can The UK Recover?

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AB Editor | 10:24 Wed 15th Feb 2017 | News
108 Answers
Please define what a recovery would look like to you in your comments.

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  • No - 55 votes
  • 68%
  • Yes - 26 votes
  • 32%

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I agree with Zacs at 10:05, although I didn't vote. The Poll was fundamentally flawed, in that it didn't define what recovery meant or why we needed to recover at all.

Again Sorry Ed !
I am another who didn't vote as I think the country is a much better place now than it was fifty years ago.
Recovery, interesting way to put the question.

We needed immigration and it massively benefited the country. Now with Shengen and the massive refugee problems we have uncontrolled immigration; that can be massively destructive to economies as we are seeing across Europe.
Control immigration you take in what the country needs but don't cripple your economy and welfare state.
NineF....Britain is not part of the Schengen area.
I know but Shengen has still contributed to the mass immigration into northern Europe and UK
Wonder where Ed went on this one? Kinda left us hanging.
The last bus has left. You can never go home again. Immigration was and is a disastrous idea for old England.
Blair's multicultural intent has altered all our futures.
david small

Couldn't agree more, perhaps the day will come when good old blighty can enjoy it's own independence once again, just like those countries of our Empire, where we once chose to settle, but after time they threw us out?

One can at least dream.

101 to 108 of 108rss feed

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Can The UK Recover?

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