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Bercow And Trump

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Canary42 | 18:48 Mon 06th Feb 2017 | News
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Speaker Bercow doesn't want Trump to speak in Parliament because of his sexist and racist views.

If applied rigourously, I wonder how many MPs that would rule out


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//When Trump actually does something totally horrendous people will be too battle fatigued to take any notice.//

I have on previous occasions pointed out how the repetition, by the left wing Pavlovians, of their favourite "buzz" words rapidly lessens any meaning or possible impact. Echo chamber indeed. Perhaps they ought to read the children's parable "The Boy Who Cried Wolf".
I have said this next bit a few times over the last year of so :::

Just exactly would have Trump have to say and/or do, before the scales fall from peoples eyes ?

I wouldn't keep saying it, without giving it a reshuffle ... it sounds somewhat confused and disjointed.
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Good article by Quentin Letts this morning. Hits the proverbial nail.
Yes LindaPalmara it is a good article.John Bercow has a severe case S.P.S.

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Bercow And Trump

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