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Fat Cat Wednesday

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youngmafbog | 14:01 Wed 04th Jan 2017 | News
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So I'm all for paying people what they are worth but at what point does it become obscene and start to cause social unrest?

Apparently today is the day some of these fat cats will have earned this year what average joe is going to have to toil for another 11.5 months for. The difference is staggering and greater than during Victorian times in some cases.

Add to this the huge sums and gold plated pensions of civil servants, EU Mandarins and the such like, how long will it be before there is civil unrest given we have already seen vast numbers of the public start to stand up to the Establishment?

Problem is though Union bosses are also snout deep in the trough so who will champion the workers cause?


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Yeah it's the Elite innit! You know, the ones who pay well over £50k a year in tax and fly business class.

You really should try a stint in Albania or North Korea.
Question Author
Actually I have paid over 50K a year in tax and flown business. But I am no fat cat so what's your point apart from being antagonistic as usual?
No really! what a lucky guess on my part.

I have quite a good memory.

My point is that you live in a country with the worlds 5th largest economy yet you bleat like a downtrodden prole from the 18th century.
"We're better off than Albania and North Korea so we shouldn't address any issues". What an apathetic attitude.
To reinforce my point, YMB's paying £50k a year in tax and flying business class would seem like a fat cat lifestyle with his snout in the trough to quite a lot of working class people, yet he patronisingly champions them in some sort of champagne socialist type way which i find pretty hypocritical.

I'm not denying there's an issue, just pointing out that i don't think YMBs status allows him into the 'downtrodden masses' club he likes to pretend he's part of.
wish my tax bill was 50k!
Question Author
Mine isnt anymore.

It was that high due to the amount of work I was doing.

So Zacs you are saying I should look down on poor people because I put myself out to earn a load? What about the Union bosses they must be paying a bucket load of tax should they also not be championing the worker?
I'm saying you should appreciate our capitalist society which has given you the opportunity to work hard and have success in life rather than deride fat cat bosses who to some, may not look all that different to you, and stop sounding like you've got a poster of Lenin on your bedroom wall.

The Union bosses are generally champagne socialists too.
So what if bosses earn ludicrously large amounts of money?

If someone is running a hedge fund which generates millions in profit, then good luck to them.

If the CEO of a tech company which develops a new piece of accounting software which flies off the shelf is given a massive bonus and perks, goof luck to him/her.

If people are envious, that's tough. Get yourself into a job where you have prospects of bettering yourself, or start your own company.

If you cannot do that, well that's how capitalism works.
Question Author
That is fine SP, the problem is many are getting inflated salaries and bonuses for failure.

As I am sure you well know.

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Fat Cat Wednesday

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