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Min 20Years? Enough For Pre Meditated Murder?

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ToraToraTora | 15:51 Thu 10th Nov 2016 | News
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they could be 35 when they get out. Can they not now be named?


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Not sure what the law is re naming of juveniles. The Bulger boy killers were much younger and they were named at the outset.
Why should they be named?
I can't see any reason to name them. If they were to do so, their families would have the Media camped on their doorsteps and some of our more stupid citizens might try some kind of revenge.
An excellent reason not to name them - we just need TTT to advise us why they should be named - ?
Yes....TTT...what would be gained from naming these children ?
Question Author
because at some point they will be out on the streets. They are clearly psychopaths and would be a danger to the public. I think the public should be aware of who they are. Also I don't see why they should be afforded anonymity anyway.
Out on the street is rather different, I can see no good from naming them now - other than to cost us a fortune to give their families a new and anonymous life to keep vigilantes/ghouls away.
TTT - they are afforded anonymity for the sake of their families, who are not guity of the crimes they have committed.

A huge amount of change can, and probably will occur in these children in the time they are incarcerated - they will begin as children, and end as adults.

Hopefully they will be sufficiently rehabilitated as to no longer pose a threat - and that will be a consideration of their release if and when it happens.

If they are a danger to the public, they will be monitored and supervised, as are any potentially dangerous criminals.

What would you suggest - flaming torches and pitchforks at the gates of the prison when they come out?
TTT...I have already explained above....if they had been named, then opprobrium would have descended on their families.
Nowhere near long enough TTT. What they did was horrific and pre meditated.
Smowball, the sentence is 'Life with a minimum of twenty years' - that means that there will be twenty years before parole is even considered, and it is highly likely that the sentences will stretch way beyond that time.

Twenty years is the starting point - not the end.
Well that's more like it Andy. If you read the details of the crime and I'm sure you have, it's just unbelievable what they did and afterwards too.
Why do you personally want them to be named op? What difference to your life or the lives of the victims and their famillies will it make?
I have just said on the other thread on this, that for a child a sentence of 20 years minimum for murder is almost unheard of! The normal 'max is 12 years. They have also been warned that they may never get out!
Question Author
the bulger killers where named. i just think the public have the right to know.
TTT - Why does the public have a 'right to know' - and what exactly do you think the public should or would do with that information if it was given to them?
well, I'll just copy my link from the other thread on this case

They were - cautiously - let out after five years. With the help of anonymity (no social media then), they reformed and now live normal, useful lives, pay their taxes and for all I know help little old ladies cross the road.

No point whatever in naming them.
jno - no point in naming them - but there never is.

There is however very much a point in not naming them
In case they move next door to you when they come out ?

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Min 20Years? Enough For Pre Meditated Murder?

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