Boris Johnson Changes His Mind On Brexit.. Shock !

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jomifl | 10:37 Sun 19th Jun 2016 | News
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But that was a few years ago, what a sincere person he is ...not.
The question is, can anybody trust him?


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Aren't people allowed to change their minds then?
I don't, but I don't trust dodgy Dave either!!!!
For Boris, this Referendum is all about how quickly he can get into Number Ten...he would sell his own grandmother into the White Slave trade if he thought it would benefit himself.
Circumstances change therefore opinions might change.
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Can't do a link to a TV channel Woof :-)
It doesn't matter. He's rational now and supporting the right side.
Regular folk change their minds - MP's can not?

Do I trust Boris..... that is a different question?!!
Good for him. Obviously saw sense in the end. Ridiculous to say people can't change their mind, whoever they are and whichever party they support.
Cameron changed his mind. but that's OK.
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Ah Mikey, I do believe you've got it. He doesn't give a toss for the UK he just believes he'll get Dave's job if brexit happens. He has been promising all sorts of things post brexit as if he will be PM and parliament won't have any say in decisions. He is an utter fruitcake..
jomifl; "a few years ago" the EU was a very different beast.
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@ Khandro, no it wasn't.
Are you a remainer then jomifl?
Jomifl....I wouldn't go as far as to say Boris is a fruitcake. Behind all that clowning around, and the wah, wah, wah, is a very astute mind.

He knows that Dave is effectively dead in the water, whatever the vote next Thursday, and he has seized the opportunity with both hands.
so he's changed his mind, people Chang their mind all the time.

Video Reveals Boris Supported EU Single Market

Yes, I trust him.
I trust him more than I trust the hoards of the ABC traitors who want to give our nation away.
Boris wants to be Tory leader and Prime Minster, and has ducked and weaved for 10 years to get it. This latest back flip should surprise no one.

Plan A was to get himself elected to parliament in 2015, to see Cameron lose the election, and for Boris to take over. When the Tories surprisingly got a majority, and Cameron was safe, Boris had to find another scheme to replace him.

Boris' sudden conversion to a Leaver is all about career and ambition.

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Boris Johnson Changes His Mind On Brexit.. Shock !

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