All The More Reason To Vote Leave.

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Dodger666 | 12:26 Fri 10th Jun 2016 | News
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Obviously the football agents want the Remain side to win as it would guarantee their percentages of transfer fees. If the Leave camp wins it could reduce the number of EU players coming to the Premier League. This would result in more home grown players getting Premier League experience leading to a better National team........possibly.


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All very true, dodger. But I can think of approximately 1,001 other more important reasons to leave :-)
No it wouldn't.

There are plenty of non EU players in the Premier League, they just have to apply for a work permit.

If we leave, EU players will have to apply do a little more paperwork, but it will not stop them coming.
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I'm sure there are more than 1001 reasons NJ.

This could help the National team if EU players failed for whatever reason to obtain a work permit for the UK should the Leave vote wins, resulting in more English players in the Premier League.

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All The More Reason To Vote Leave.

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