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Performing in front of Merkel? Sounds like an anti-climax to me....
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Are they certain it's a spoof ? Boris has a reputation with the ladies.
No, there is no depth they wont sink to.
They're likely to be shooting themselves in the foot. The public like Boris for his sense of humour so will laugh - and I can't see it bothering him either.
Surely most things they have been doing, scaremongering to the nth degree, name calling and personal attacks will shoot them in the foot?
^I think so. Clearly they regard the electorate as fools.
I don't understand what's going on in this in/out campaign. Don't all these people want to be taken seriously? If so, they should stop using playground insults, and acting like bad clowns, and present some serious arguments in a serious and adult manner.
Quite agree, bookbinder.

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Is There Any Depth The In Campaign Won’T Sink To?'

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