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Shoreham Air Crash

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SSSid | 19:42 Tue 22nd Mar 2016 | News
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Something is not right with this investigation.
Why is Andy Hill so protected? If I, as a driver had an accident and killed several people, I would be in prison. Accident or not!
Why are the police denied access to evidence?
My sympathy is with the families of the accident.
What the hell is going on?


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it is odd. I wonder if perhaps he has lost his memory, or is much iller than anticipated?
The AAIB has to work within the terms of Civil Aviation (Investigation of Air Accidents and Incidents) Regulations 1996 and of the Data Protection Act 1998. Together they prohibit the release of information to the police or coroners without a High Court order.

See Section 25 (on page 18):
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It is odd, Bednobs, but Andy Hill was seen around driving his Saab.
Can't be that ill!
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Thanks Chris and Mikey, maybe a long process due to typical red tape culture of English law.
Chris, I have to admit, I have not read the whole of the pdf in your link.
I have to go to work tomorrow!
This guy got sent to prison for falling asleep. Nobody got punished for failing to install a barrier between the motorway and the railway.
I see in the press he is called 'former British Airways pilot'

Did he leave that job before or after this incident?

One wonders why he isn't with them any more.
Jomfil Mr Gary Hart was driving when he was unfit because he had not slept the night before and so fell asleep while driving. The Land-rover he was driving also had an overweight load on the trailer so he was towing more than the permitted weight. Because of these two factors he was found guilty of causing 'Death by Careless Driving' which has a maximum sentence of 7 years. He pleaded guilty to 'Death by Careless Driving' to avoid being charged with 'Death by Dangerous driving' which has a 15 year max sentence. He served his time at 'North Sea Camp' an 'open' Jail where I was a tutor in the education department and talked to him on several occasions.
If for example he had skidded on mud left on the road and caused the same accident, that would have been just an accident and he would not have been guilty of anything.
Hopkirk, Andy Hill ( who lives just up the road from me) had left the BA job several years before this accident. He was / is one of the UK's most qualified 'display pilots' as well as having a full commercial licence.
I`m not sure you are correct about that last bit Eddie
Why did he leave, Eddie?

Didn't they want him?
Just because he isn`t flying at the moment doesn`t mean he has left
He left BA not sacked. I assume he wanted to concentrate on display flying, he actually owned the Hawker Hunter jet he was flying so he can't be short of a bob or two.
"If I, as a driver had an accident and killed several people, I would be in prison. Accident or not!"

No you would not. Not unless your driving (or other behaviour that led to the incident) was negligent, reckless or deliberate.

As Eddie has explained, your comparison to the Great Heck incident is not appropriate (at least not yet because it has not been established whether the pilot's behaviour was negligent, reckless or deliberate).
Eddie, he didn't own the aircraft himself if the Telegraph has its facts right.

"The Hawker Hunter that crashed belonged to wealthy Essex businessman Graham Peacock and is usually kept with another historic plane he owns at North Weald Airdrome.
His Hunter had passed through the hands of a number of private owners before he bought it in 2012 after it had been advertised for sale for £65,000.
The advert described the aircraft as "an immaculate two-seater supersonic T7 which is flown on a regular basis, in excellent condition inside and out."

^^ As far as I heard the two of them operate as a business owning and operating historic aircraft for display flying.
Quite possible.

It wouldn't be the first time the journos hadn't got their facts entirely right.

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Shoreham Air Crash

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