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If not performing the actual fairy tale, why choose that one at all ?
well there goes Sinbad the Sailor and Peter Pan, well......can't have a fairy in it, can we?
Do you mean Snow Hideously White?
Guess Warwick Davis is just protecting a niche market of performers he's very well out of.

Read somewhere that around 90% of people with Dwarfism hold Equity cards.
*done very well out of* WE NEED AN EDIT BUTTON!
So dwarves have 'cornered the market' playing, er, dwarves?
Seen Warwick Davis cast in a lot of roles where stature isn't necessarily key. Works well with the fantasy them!
*theme* tsk!
Daft nonsense if you ask me !
nothing to do with political correctness, everything to do with penny-pinching. the "friends" will be children, who cost peanuts to employ when set against dwarves.
Agreed,if you feel the public will be offended by a fairy tale they grew up with (really?) ,then write your own panto and see the ticket sales fall.

It's the odd few that do this that send out the wrong impression.
In my opinion 'and her 7 friends' sounds a bit ..well... creepy.
Will they all be Male? or Female -will they have to have a couple of transgender friends just to even things up, a black one , and one in a wheelchair...OMG sick up to the eyeballs of this PC gone mad.
Warrick has a point -if you are born with dwarfism at least you'll never be out of work in the theatre. what will they do now?
From what I have learned over the years, Pantos are a major source of employment for our vertically challenged members of the entertainment industry.

Warwick Davis himself founded "Willow Management" that specialises in representing actors under five feet tall.

The Brothers Grimm were quite specific that it was 7 dwarves, not 7 friends and I can't see any reason to make changes now.
shouldn´t it say " snow white and her 7 small or vertically challenged friends "
I thought the 'PC' word for these people was PORG !
( Person Of Restricted Growth.)
Snow White and the 7 Porgs ??
Hang on surely 'white' is 'Non PC' as well?
So 'Pale skinned female and the 7 Porgs' must be correct !
No that's 'Gender specific' wrong again! I give up!
I have always understood that the polite and kind way to describe these people are "small people" Not all of them will have the specific characteristics of dwarfism.
Don't mention 'the colour purple' to Lenny Henry it's probably beneath him.
randy newman got into all sorts of trouble for singing about "short people"....

So dwarves have 'cornered the market' playing, er, dwarves?

lol, svejk.

Warwick is right...people getting offended on his behalf should keep their nose out....why mention Lenny Henry AOG?

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Snow White And Her Seven Friends?

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