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Operation Scallop

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mushroom25 | 11:20 Thu 07th May 2015 | News
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or legitimate concern and therefore legitimate action?


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Just read an article about this. I don't think it's a legitimate concern, the systems to protect the papers are well established.

P.S. I'm impressed with the shiny, new Ballot Boxes - they were the same tatty, old things last time I voted in UK.
My bit of Scotland is so cold today that nobody would want to follow ballot boxes around.

I am staying as f2f lose to my duvet as possible until the central heating kicks in.

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>>> f2f lose >>> should be close. My cold fingers must have hit the wrong key.

TTT - one day you may actually say nice about us Scots. But I doubt it.

I'll be nice today, thanks for electing the Tories for us.
Ditto TTT !

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Operation Scallop

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