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Looks Like The Stone May Get Broken After All....

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ToraToraTora | 10:28 Thu 07th May 2015 | News
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Looks like Millimoses is going to emulate his biblical opposite number more closely that we first thought!


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I'd say it was stating the obvious but not a wise political move to admit to the truth. Of course once someone has written things in stone it is more difficult to claim changing circumstances mean they no longer can apply. But we never believed politicians, stone or no stone, anyway. Generally we know what they believe in, and accept they say anything to get in and then pursue their agenda.
Why would anyone be surprised?

Incidentally, according to last night’s London Evening Standard the source of Ed’s stone is a mystery. No one seems to know who made it although one stonemason said the stone’s width and size points towards a hastily remodelled kitchen worktop. However, worse still, it’s now gone missing! Spooky! The plot thickens! :o)
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It doesn't actually matter what he/she said if they're carved in stone or whatever - they're not commitments on him to do anything specific, just vague aspirational phrases.

ie there are no promises there to break.
Took the words out of my mouth, Ludwig.

"I don't think anyone is suggesting that the fact that he's carved them into stone means that he is absolutely not going to break them or anything like that."

Wow, that's some slip of the Tongue, which I always understood to mean a mispronunciation or a wrong word, not a complete sentence!
I think the electorate gain the impression that carving them in stone is intended to imply he isn’t going to break them. Why else ‘carve them in stone’?
Cost of stone- £4,800 + VAT
Stonemason- £1,650 + VAT
Making Ed look a complete prat- Priceless
Haha! Very good, but are you sure they're not Miliband's 2015 pledges?
Almost as bad as making a 2010 election contract and then promptly ignoring it and deleting it from the party website...

Good lad, jim. You've seen the UKIP light then?
Haha! I should perhaps have checked who owned that website. But I've seen that story a few times before.

Already voted... to late to change to UKIP, but they don't have a chance here anyway!
Jim, As far as I can see all those things, unlike Ed's stone, are to be found elsewhere. You can't trust all you read, you know. ;o)
Lol svejk, for a minute I thought you had sneaked onto this site after nicking my steel.
Has Eddie lost his marble so to speak
I preferred Murray Mint's back garden to yours, to be honest, Talbot.
Not sure what you mean exactly Naomi. It's true that the Conservatives made said contract, containing a list of pledges by which the government was meant to be judged, and a message that failing to meet these targets meant that we should "vote [the Conservative party] out" if they had not met them. Well, the Conservatives haven't met many of those pledges, so... they've quietly dropped it in the, likely successful, hope that people will forget all about it.

The mistake the Conservatives made in 2010 was making a set of promises like this, an impossible standard if you will -- and Ed Miliband has now gone a step further by carving things he won't achieve in stone. Both sides are being berks about this sort of thing, which is the real point. You can't criticise Ed Miliband for this stupid stunt without acknowledging that the same sort of thing was done only five years before by the Tories.

Jim, All parties make promises and often they are promises that they, for one reason or another are unable to keep - we all know that - but nothing compares to Ed's stone. That will go down in history. He's made such a fool of himself.
You can but wonder how someone thought it might be a good idea and then got it past all those, very expensive, image consultants and strategy advisors.

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Looks Like The Stone May Get Broken After All....

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