David Cameron To Be The Next Prime Minster.

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anotheoldgit | 13:41 Thu 30th Apr 2015 | News
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David Cameron to be the next Prime Minster, no not Tory propaganda but from the mouth of Labour's Scottish leader.

And it looks from the picture that he is being 'led away' for daring to say so. :0)


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NHS RIP, It was good to have known you & your services.
Don't be so ridiculous, TWR! Most Conservatives need the NHS as much as most Labour supporters!
Looks like the main parties will be very close, just a handful of seats separating them. The SNP will hold the balance of power. Whoever, if anyone, they support will ve Prime Minister.The SNP are less likely to do a deal with the Conservatives - but they might with Labour.
The Scottish Labour leader cannot admit that a week before the election or even less people will vote for his party.
I cannot see a SNP full house in Scotland helping Cameron.

\\David Cameron to be the next Prime Minster\\

That would be seriously good news for the Country if it happens,
here's hoping!
I still prefer York Minster :-)
I don't Ed Millibore when he says he won't do a deal with the SNP in a coalition Government. I think he'd do a deal with the Devil to become PM.

"believe missed out".

Why can't they put an edit feature in AB?
stop it AOG, all the Millibandies will be crying into their organic wheat punch!
trouble is, some conservatives dont want to pay for it.....
AliceTickband, Who would they be then?

Insider info. Alice? Do tell!
The reasoning behind my post was thatcreeping privatisation is the tory stance on public ownership of anything, although I realise that some other political parties also have a hand in this.

I do not pretend to be a political animal, but I have lived through various colours of government and have come to the conclusion that 'blue' policies will always cater more for the haves and not the havenots.
Labour privatised 6% of the NHS, coalition 1.5%
AliceTickband, //'blue' policies will always cater more for the haves and not the havenots. //

A much trumpeted fallacy. Common sense dictates that business, not benefits, is the key to jobs and hence to prosperity - and that's something that the current version of Labour (old Labour is long dead) will never understand. Move on!! The 1930s are no longer.
AliceTickband ... and as for the NHS under Labour, you might find this enlightening.
Tony, wow!
Despite the polls such a result is not beyond the bounds of possibility. Funnier things have happened.
A retired accountant, naomi. They don't usually throw money away do they.
Yeah there's plenty of room for a sudden upsurge of seats for one party or the other. At this stage, I reckon a Tory majority is more likely than a Labour one, though.

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David Cameron To Be The Next Prime Minster.

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