David Cameron To Be The Next Prime Minster.

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anotheoldgit | 13:41 Thu 30th Apr 2015 | News
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David Cameron to be the next Prime Minster, no not Tory propaganda but from the mouth of Labour's Scottish leader.

And it looks from the picture that he is being 'led away' for daring to say so. :0)


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Tony, no, they don't. That's a big stake!
It sure is, naomi !.
This pensioner lost £100 making the same bet last time. That's half a case of Chablis!
Half a case of Chablis!? Disaster!! :o)
It seems an incredible risk. I only wish I had that amount of money to be able to blow away on a 7-1 chance.

Even a late swing back from UKIP is not likely to be enough to pick up the full 40 seats or so that the Tories need, as in a lot of cases the UKIP vote is just cutting Tory Majorities rather than costing them seats. A week is a long time, though.
Wait till he's ready to gamble half a crate of Buckies, then we'll know it's for real!
Oh well it was only half a case of chablis, could have been something valuable like a case of Youngs Double Chocolate Stout.
I wonder if anyone can help me. I have never been into a betting shop. The first ever gamble I made was on the 2010 general election, which I did on-line and I won. I did the same on the Euro Elections and repeated a good win. However, the bets available on-line this time don't appeal. (Though I have done some small bets).

I would like to make 2 bets.
1. On a complete full house for the SNP in Scotland.
2. On the Green Party getting more MPs than UKIP.

If I go into a real shop, will they be able to take my bet? Never been into a real betting shop so do they take bets that are not publushed?

If you know what I should do, your help will be much appreciated.
If you go into any Betting Shop, Gromit,then they should be able to quote you a price.

Don't think you will get much of a price as both your bets look pretty sure things to me.
For a start, I shall be very surprised if the SNP manage to win Orkney and Shetland as the Liberals have held the seat since 1837, apart from a short gap between 19i35 and 1950, when the Tories took it on behalf of the National Government.
You may have a point Jackdaw. Orkney and Shetland tend to look towards more Northerly climes than Scotland or the UK.

The Liberal vote has been slipping a bit recently towards SNP and I think an Independent candidate ( not independence from UK ).
Maybe wiser to go for 49 SNP seats. ;-)
After listening to that dotty woman who leads the Greens I wouldn’t bet on them getting more seats than Ukip - not that I think Ukip will get many.
William Hill are the specialists in those sorts of made up by the customer bets gromit, they may take some hours to create a price but they are your best bet. For example they famously took a bet from a dieter about wieght loss over a certain period.
I think gromit is trying to be funny, Naomi. Made me laugh, anyway.
I think he aims to please, Svejk. ;o)
They take dozens of bets every year on it being the end of the world. I know??? That'll be the department they direct you to, gromit. In fact why don't you put that in and make it a treble.

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David Cameron To Be The Next Prime Minster.

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