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Dreadful news, I've just heard on the radio that a further two men and three women have been arrested.
Body parts. Dreadful.
How awful, the worst possible outcome.
Yes. Awful news. Must be so devastating for the parents. Cannot even begin to imagine what they must be going through. Poor wee girl. What sort of mindset makes them not only kill but cut up the body. What a frightening world we are living in. God forgive them and one day they have to face their Maker.
Totally beyond comprehension those arrested, if found guilty, should be hanged.
I was just looking at her picture - she was very pretty and it is sad that her life was stolen from her. The words 'body parts' make a bad situation seem much worse.
Why why why do things like this happen. Horrendous x
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The latest five arrests - two men aged 29, two aged 23 and a woman aged 23 - were made as a result of the find.
Question Author
There's another thread running at the minute discussing how women are treated in the Indian sub-continent. It looks as thought you wouldn't have to scratch too far beneath the surface, there or here, to find people with little regard for life or the rights of others.
Unbelievably sad, 4 men and 3 women implicated, what could the reason be?

/// As a result of this latest development, a further three men and two women have been arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender. ///
No doubt all the detail will be revealed in due course.

As usually happens, the police have evidence which is not released to the public, but on which they proceed - hence the arrests and their interest in the car, and their discovery of this poor mite's body.

As a parent of three girls, my heart goes out to her parents and family.
So my answer was removed, maybe the mod that removed it thinks these people should be forgiven!!

Oh well, we all have different values!!
Ratter - //So my answer was removed, maybe the mod that removed it thinks these people should be forgiven!!

Oh well, we all have different values!!//

That's a tall, and utterly unfounded assumption.
Is it now!!
Sandy, do you know the culture of the arrested?
Ratter - you are aware that discussion of the removal of posts and threads is not accepted - I suggest you return to the thread if you wish, and leave your probing alone.
Question Author
Svejk, no. Are you suggesting that this crime is a consequence of our lax immigration laws and that the criminals are foreigners?
My thought, that there's evil in every society, seems more likely.
It's probably the outcome we were all expecting but we all still hoped we'd be wrong. Poor girl. RIP. Condolences to her family. Very tragic news.

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Becky Watts, Dreadful News

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