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In Light Of The Increased Terrorism Threat, Should Our Police Now Be Armed?

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anotheoldgit | 11:08 Sun 01st Feb 2015 | News
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And I mean real weapons, not these laser ones.

Britain must be the only country in the world who's police don't carry guns.



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Have you thought about asking any of our 'beat bobbies' whether they would actually like to be armed?
I think when the day come that all cops carry guns, every burglar and crook will need to carry a gun to ensure an effective escape from the police.

I recently was talking to a Policeman that was trained to carry firearms, he said it was the worst thing he ever done to now be in the position where he may have to kill someone.
Unfortunately not all police officers have the right temperament to carry and fatally use a firearm. I know of officers who were required to carry firearms in the course of their specialist duties and locked them away in the glove box of the vehicle in which they were travelling. This happened when the officer was required to use his Walther PPK but was shot and wounded as a result of this weapon not being carried on the person. The report read that his Walther jammed and,as a result, the Police Force in question changed from that weapon to a 5 shot inferior weapon. Another case I can mention is that of another specialised unit police officer/instructor,cradling his 12 bore Remington Wingmaster shotgun in the back of a police vehicle and whispering endearments to it as he caressed it. "Who are you going to find for me to shoot today" was his question. That officer got his wish years later and ended up at the Old Bailey. I believe that tasers should be issued to all officers and firearms only issued to officers who can undergo some physiological testing and are willing to do so. I also believe that off duty police officers should carry firearms if they have passed the correct criteria.
No, they should not be armed. It would be a step back from civilisation. They should have sufficient skill at intelligence gathering to ensure terrorism is a minor concern In this country. We weathered the troubles from Ireland, they should not claim to be less competent now. If they really are then they need to remove their incompetent chiefs and replace them with capable leaders. Not ones who plead they need guns for all, and encourage escalating violence that will end up being inflicted on us civilians.
coo coo coo coo "Minor concern" what planet do you live on?
Earth of course. I take it you are elsewhere ?
Question Author

Perhaps you wish to see the armed response officers stripped of their fire arms, and why stop there is there any need for our armed forces to carry guns also?

If certain officers have no wish to carry guns, then perhaps they are in the wrong job?
why@ They signed up to be policemen, not gunmen.
To ask every police officer to be ready to kill is wrong. Our armed police are specially selected and highly trained to carry and use arms and that's the way it should stay.
They carry firearms to protect, are the public not worth this the way things are?
ys indeed they should

impeccable logic - AOG - again !

the unarmed police don't see a terrorist from day to day
so arm them ..... and everyday a terrorist will walk up to an armed officer

"good morning officer - is that a firearm or are you pleased to see me ?
anway I see you are armed, and would you believe it - I am a terrorist !"

AOG for MPC ( metro police commissioner ) that's what I say !
No-one seems to mention the cost. There are 130,000 police officers in England and Wales and the cost of arming them would run into the tens of millions, let alone the additional cost of training. I don't think the risk is actually worth it financially.
Oh meg please don't inject a modicum of common sense into this thread - it would upset me

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In Light Of The Increased Terrorism Threat, Should Our Police Now Be Armed?

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