A Lot Has Been Said About Fascism And Nazis On This Site, But Can You Get Any Closer To Nazi Germany Than This?

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anotheoldgit | 13:16 Wed 21st Jan 2015 | News
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/// The inspecting team, which was led by Joan Hewitt, concluded: ‘Leaders are failing to prepare students for life in modern Britain. Some students hold discriminatory views of other people who have different faiths, values or beliefs from themselves.’ ///

Meet the Government’s 'diversity' agenda or be closed down.

/// Durham Free has been told to close after inspectors branded it an educational failure and said some children displayed ‘discriminatory views’ toward people of other faiths. The boy’s answer to the Muslim question apparently included a reference to terrorism. ///

Oh dear should have said, "they are peace loving people who build lovely buildings called Mosques".

/// A second Christian school in the area has been put into special measures. Inspectors also concluded its children were intolerant after allegedly asking ten-year-old pupils what lesbians ‘did’. ///

Oh dear should have said "they are two ladies who are in a loving relationship".


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The lunatics (read right-on liberals) have taken over the asylum AOG. You should know that.

Do as I say, or else.
if you google durham free, it will bring up many reports, most of which are more detailed than that of the DM which, whilst it is accurate, is rather one-issue focused. there are major problems at this school.
And a slightly less dramatic version from a broadsheet which gives some perspective through the comment:
It is clear that this has been a troubled school for some time and there is no imminent prospect of improvement. We have therefore decided to close the school and will work with the local authority to ensure every child is found a place at another local school where they can thrive and receive the standard of education that they deserve.
Even without reading the full Report, I know that this is cherry-picking for cheap headlines - because that is what newspapers do.

My wife is a Schools Inspector for both OFSTED and ISI - the government and Independent Schools inspectorates, so I know something about this.

Schools are invited to evaluate themselves in advance of an Inspection, and 99% confirm they are 'outstanding' which is the top appraisal description - they very very rarely are!

The inspections are rigourous and fair - all inspectors' opinions have to be backed up by evidence, and only experienced head or ex head teachers carry out these inspections.

One local school complained to the local press that they had been failed because parents were parking in the school yard when collecting children.

The fact that a parent's car collided with a child's pushchair about two feet from where the inspector was standing was somehow missed in the press coverage.

As ever, there is much more to the story than the paper mentions, but it has pushed the right buttons for its intended readership.

AOG, I can assure you that the comparions between Ofsted and ISI employees and Nazi Germany are as innacurate as they are offensive.

Which newspaper did you read this in?

I ask, because I have a horrible feeling you're going to be really embarrassed soon.

You might want to withdraw this question, or not...obviously, it's your choice - if I have to say, right now, I'm in 'pree-cringe' mode.*

(The state the body goes into when it knows it's about to when your dad gets up to dance at a wedding, or when you wake up on the day after drinking too much at an office party).
Question Author
From the Guardian report.

/// the inspection team found the school was failing to prepare pupils for modern Britain. The report said: “Some students hold discriminatory views of other people who have different faiths, values or beliefs from themselves.” ///

A lot of adults are not prepared for "modern Britain" it is too frightening to contemplate.

/// pupil behaviour had led to unsafe situations, particularly on school buses, with “many instances of bullying” and students calling each other unpleasant names. There had also been incidents of students spraying aftershave into other students’ faces, crawling around under seats and failing to use safety belts. ///

Nothing unusual there then.
AOG: practise your best Basil Fawlty accent and then exclaim:
"That's exactly how Nazi Germany started"

Beware of anyone, of any persuasion, yelling "Nazi" and "fascist". It generally doesn't spell anything good or constructive
Well AOG, they want the kids sat bolt upright, hugging a tree or a lesbian and singing the red flag! Then you might get a good rating.
AOG / youngmafbog

Neither of you two are stupid.

Far from it.

So why on Earth are you swallowing this story as presented?


Please provide a link to the story.

I will point out why the school failed.
SP, I believe there are plenty of good reasons, but then if they go adding statements like this: //particularly on school buses, with “many instances of bullying” and students calling each other unpleasant names. There had also been incidents of students spraying aftershave into other students’ faces, crawling around under seats and failing to use safety belts//

Then it rather demeans the real reason. There was no reason to make that comment other than to show their right-on liberal credentials. And THAT is what I am commenting on.

The link (to your Guradian) is in a post above BTW.
I've already provided two links.

Yes, but that's not the main reason the school did badly in the Ofsted report. It was a detail of the report, but that is not the reason schools get closed.

Would you want your child going to a failing school with inadequate teaching staff???


However, I'm interested in which report prompted AOG to raise this thread and the whole Nazi/Fascist comment.

AOG - where did you read the story?
Question Author
Sorry I failed to add the Daily Mail link to my thread.

But it seems this is not only an exaggerated Daily Mail story that some would have us believe, here is a similar story from the Telegraph web site dated October 2014.

Perhaps some don't like the Mail because unlike the Guardian it does not leave out certain facts that some may find rather uncomfortable.

/// It follows complaints from orthodox Jewish schools about recent inspections in which girls from strict traditional backgrounds were allegedly asked whether they were being taught enough about lesbianism, whether they had boyfriends and if they knew where babies came from. ///

/// The Institute, which is already planning a legal challenge to the consultation, arguing that it was rushed through during the school holidays, fears that the new guidelines could be used to clamp down on the teaching of anything deemed politically incorrect on issues such as marriage. ///

/// “The Christian Institute is currently working with an independent Christian School which has been marked down by Ofsted for not promoting other faiths. ///

/// “Astonishingly it was told it should invite representatives of other faith groups to lead assemblies and lessons, such as an Imam. ///

Oh yes an Inam, what kind of teaching would he carry out?
AOG - it's not like you to leave a response from me unanswered - I await your comments with interest - and reiterate that Inspection reports are the result of a team visit in most cases, with various agreed (by the inspection body not the school) aspects of the school teaching and premises being checked.

Inspection reports are open to appeal, and they are posted on public forum websites for reading by any interested party - they are not knee-jerk right-on witch-hunts conducted by lentil-steaming yogurt knitters - unless of course posters are in the cliché and bandwagon businesses.

Are you leaving the original point of this thread and swerving off to a new area?

I'm only asking out of politeness, because I was going to show you the bit in the story that actually gave the reason for why the school failed, rather than the headline.

I just want to be sure you're happy that you understand the real story here before joining your swerve onto this brand new thread.
Good Lord...

A cliche and bandwagon business??!?

Look out for me on the next series of Dragon's Den.

I'm gonna make a fortune!
Question Author
Education in Nazi Germany.

/// The NAZIs upon seizing power approached the teaching profession with some suspicion and for good reason. They knew that while some teachers were Party members, many teachers were uncommitted to the NAZI Party or even hostile. They could not fire all the existing teachers immediately. They did, however, begin culling out those teachers obviously hostile to the
Party. ///

/// And new teachers being hired were often selected more for Party loyalty than academic skills and achievement. The Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service forced school teachers and university professors to join the National Socialist Teachers League. /// Individuals were not allowed to teach unless they joined this league. Hitler had the curriculum rewritten to provide a NAZI approved curriculum. Teachers had much less leeway in the design of their lessons. The NAZI Party in effect instructed teachers as to what they could and could not teach. In only a few years, Minister Rust and his staff managed to created a throughly indoctrinated teaching profession.

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A Lot Has Been Said About Fascism And Nazis On This Site, But Can You Get Any Closer To Nazi Germany Than This?

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