Mps Child Sex Abuse

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Farriercm | 13:07 Wed 21st Jan 2015 | News
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The case of MPs Child sex abuse back in the 1980s, the then press secretary,
to the then PM,says he can not recall the file on the case,but he and the then PM were aware of abuse claims, aimed at a certain Minister.????


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Yes, and your question is?
Please be more specific farriercm ! But don't name the Tory Minister, as your post will be removed !
Was it a Tory minister?
Not entirely sure Retrocop but I am thinking of one particular Tory Minister that couldn't remember receiving some files last year, from Geoffrey Dickens.

But there quite a few to choose from, Labour, Liberal and Tory, and its hard to be sure.
Question Author
OK Who is the Minister,?? We know he is still alive, because the powers that be are trying hard not to name him , you can not try a dead man ,also it is quite plain to see he does not belong to the opposition party otherwise he would have been named by now OK
Your getting close Farrier !
I have no idea which party, does it matter on this subject?

Surely not naming is the right way to go, there should be an investigation and if the allegations are founded and provable then whoever it is should be tried and if found guilty paraded for all to see their guilt. Otherwise you end up naming someone who is innocent and we have seen from peoples comments on here *** sticks.

,also it is quite plain to see he does not belong to the opposition party otherwise he would have been named by now OK

Don't be daft.
The saying 'We're all in this together' was not invented by Cameron and Osborne.
Question Author
Close to what Mikey? Me being banned from the site? ,answer removed,?or the name of the Minister?or even the name of the Party / which one are you going to choose? Mikey
Farrier...I certainly don't want this thread or you removed ! That is what is so difficult with these historical cases. But if you mean a former Tory Minister, who was handed a dossier by the late Geoffrey Dickens, then lets leave it at that. Most people on here will know who you mean !
Question Author
This file is Classified on grounds of National Security, says the men in grey suits, eh after thirty five years?.

It's all in there, we just need it unlocking.
MI5 were the ones that stymied the investigation that Dickens so dearly wanted, and they were aided and abetted by the "Establishment"

But I am convinced it will all come out in the wash....eventually.
I've believed for a long, long time that we are waiting for a big fish to meet his maker.
err, no it won't. if any investigation is concluded, it will have a 100 year embargo on it.

This is a report of the live session of the Home Affairs Committee of yesterday. This enquiry is unravelling a huge rate of knots. So, dark forces still at work, 33 years after Geoffrey Dickens gave his dossier to the then Tory Home Secretary.

Apparently a really good effort was made last year to find this dossier, but guess had disappeared !

Who would have believed it !
What we do know for a fact is that 'The Grate Lady' was complicit.

Wasnt Geoffrey Dickens an evangelical Christian who caused a 'satanic ritual abuse' panic that turned out to be false?
Just asking.
But complicit in what is the question.
Nailit...heres all about Dickens ::::

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Mps Child Sex Abuse

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