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You're so biased. Oh drat, too late.
Question Author
lol Jim !
I would have thought you would have expressed your thoughts on the matter.

I agree with him.
Not looking good Mikey, not looking good.
Why are my last two questions showing up in the orange area beneath this question?
When I suggested last year there would be labour defectors to UKIP I was lampooned -there will be more.
So Ann Golightly felt let down as she thought that when they elected him mayor he would be a good representative and mayor.
So only Labour doctrine is allowed in Bishops Auckland and only labour supporters are required to attend council meetings it seems otherwise the poor dear feels intimidated. Seems like her "Labour Rules" policy is in tatters now.
I read someone say, only recently on AB that Labour had nothing in common whatsoever with UKIP. Some OP about a coalition I recall.
Well this Labour mayor didn't defect to the Lib Dems did he!!
This is a North Eastern constituency -does anyone think perhaps that Labour voters in the North of England and Wales (traditionally manual working class) have different ideals than traditional Labour voters in the South ( bearded social worker types) .
Take some comfort in that is is only a Mayor Mickey
Anne Golightly needs to put a cork in her mouth before she says something that will get her into trouble.
I miss read 'cork' for a second there!
Question Author
Zacs.....go and sit on the naughty step.
No opinion then, mikey?
Mikey....Two radio reports today concerning the North East which may cheer you up a bit..

a ) Unemployment has fallen to a five year low in the North East.

b ) A report that Middlesborough is in the top five places to set up business in the UK. More than 2,000 new businesses have been set up in the area between 2004 and 2013.

Looks like this Mayor thing is Labour's gain and UKIP's loss.
all we need now is a LibDem and an SNP! Nige will be delighted, thinking about bringing back my Nige avatar actually!
Please do. I like to see grown men cry.
Question Author
TTT please don't...... I would rather you brought back Mrs Voldemort, than Nigel !
I hope for UKIP;s sake they turn out to be a better bet than the last Labour defector :-)
I wont be updating mine TTT - still banned from avatars !!

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Labour Mayor Defects To Ukip !

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