What Is Going On In Our Schools?

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naomi24 | 08:53 Tue 01st Apr 2014 | News
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//Government intervenes at school 'taken over’ by Muslim radicals//

//Fury as fanatic who trained 7/7 bomber sets up Islamic primary school in Britain//


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I found this press report released by the school in question in the Telegraph report:

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That's dated 7 March - a couple of weeks before the newspaper report.
Lets all thank Mr Blair and his cohorts. We are of course all littel Englanders and racists fro even suggesting this.

But we were clearly right in our concerns years ago and right-on Noo labour were wrong.

We have a weak government and are tied by the EU. Nothing we can do about it apart from move.

Perhaps we shoudl all move to Pakistan, there wont be any muslims there soon!
I think the implication is that the Telegraph has lifted the story from the Sunday Times a couple of weeks earlier, though of course there could be a new development.
Come back Enoch Powell, we need you!!
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Jim, whilst the article implies that the Times carried the initial reports, it makes it clear that since then the school has been to be placed on special measures by the Government’s education watchdog. There doesn’t seem to be any doubt that the allegations made several weeks ago are now being taken seriously.
Fair enough, it was only cursory research -- and doesn't deal with the DM article anyway.
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That's a different school.
I'd noticed, which is why it doesn't deal with it: even taking that press release to scotch the Telegraph's report you're left with the Daily Mail's that's a separate story, separate school etc.
'ding,ding' seconds out.
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The press release doesn't scotch the Telegraph's report. That was issued several weeks before the school was placed on special measures and the Telegraph published the story.

As for the rest of your post, I have no idea what you're talking about. I've just said it's a different school.
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Svejk, :o)
Then, to recap:

1. The press release I posted is only relevant to the Telegraph Report.
2. Because the Daily Mail Report is about a different school.
3. On the other hand the Press Release is dated a couple of weeks before and maybe things have changed.

I noticed all of this, and so have you, so we are actually in agreement.
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Well, actually, no, we are not entirely in agreement. The press release was clearly issued weeks before the allegations were officially investigated. Therefore, things have certainly changed. No question about that.
Well, if you say so. But you didn't really need to point out repeatedly that the Daily Mail report is about a different school. I certainly noticed that.
i dont know how that one guy is 'walking around' a free man, never mind setting up schools. unless he's,now, working for the security services.
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Jim, //But you didn't really need to point out repeatedly that the Daily Mail report is about a different school.//

Repeatedly? I told you once – then since you appeared to have missed it, I told you I’d said it. Hardly ‘repeatedly’.

Svejk, neither do I. I don’t even know why he’s in this country – unless he was born here.

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