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Ooh toughie, the human in me says no but the mother is screaming yes, yes, yes.
Question Author
This really is a case of an eye for an eye
I feel bad for saying it, but ...

The middle east seem to be rather good at taking an eye for an eye literally. I wonder if it is an effective deterrent?
Question Author
Am I alone in hoping they don't use an anaesthetic?
An eye for an eye!
Question Author
rocky, one thing is pretty certain - this man won't do it again
we definitely need more Islamic punishments here. When will they ever introduce Sharia law?
I feel for the person that has to actually do it, like a hangman I suppose. I could pull the lever on someone who hurt one of my kids but not for anyone else's I don't think.
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jno, the way things are going I reckon it will happen within the next 50 years
I suspect the girl who is going to spend her whole life with no sight and half a face regards it as a reasonable punishment.
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The mother in me is wondering why they don't take his nads off as well
There's a bit a of a ruckus going on on our local FB page, a bloke was killed yesterday whilst allegedly trying to burgle a house, the fence panel he was climbing over gave way and he hit his head and died as a result. Some of the comments are shocking.
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// trying to burgle a house, the fence panel he was climbing over gave way and he hit his head and died as a result //

There's a little bit of me that says I shouldn't have laughed out loud at this slapstick burglar-death.

(still trying to suppress my smile)
Question Author
rocky, I would say that it is entirely the burglars own fault.

When I was young and some people still had electric meters you had to put coins in, a young lad burgled the home of a wheelchair bound old man. As he tried to prise open the meter, he electrocuted himself and died.
A few days later the boys father petrol bombed the old man's house. Being wheelchair bound he couldn't escape and he died.
One comment the petrol bomber made was along the lines of "It was his electric meter that killed my son, so he deserved to die."
Absolutely it's his fault, the first story was that his accomplice dropped the fence panel on his head as he went underneath it, still not sure that's not the case. Karma, as they say!

Jeez, that last bit of your post is bad, hope he got life.
Question Author
I am genuinely surprised that no one has come along and said this punishment is not justified.
Are all the bleeding heart left wingers on holiday? ;-)

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