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Yes, thinking Iran is a civilised country.
Ludwig has it right.

//Is it justified in theory? - Yes.

Should it happen in reality? - No. //

In other words, a civilised country (or individual) can rise above his 'base' feelings. Quite shocked by some comments on here.
There is no need to stoop to barbaric punishments however horrendous the crime. Revenge is not the answer, only demeans those advocating it.
Exactly Daisy.
Ludvig pretty much always hits the nail on the head, imo.
He must have known this would be a likely punishment? So it hasn't served much of a deterrent. Revenge and justice aren't necessarily the same thing.
This penalty is no more than cruel vengeance designed to satisfy barbaric blood lust. Personally, I could not possibly condone torture – but in the interests of the protection of society, I wouldn’t object to the perpetrator receiving a lethal injection humanely and painlessly administered.
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We are too soft, i think. But there must be something in between.
..and following on from the story 'Iran to administer barbaric punishment',
we have this news just in ... 'bear to 5hit in woods'
no i don't think this is right, jail time, but not that.

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Iran To Administer Barbaric Punishment

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