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What has it got to do with you ? Perhaps Unite members are being asked to drive the vans. Perhaps Unite members work in the Government Dept. that is responsible for this van. Perhaps Unite, being a public body here in the UK wants to raise the issue.
I presume Unite general secretary Len McCluskey has as much right to voice an opinion as anyone on the matter.
Unite represents the council workers in the area where the vans are being used.It will probably be Unite workers who are being asked to drive the vans.
Unions have the right to comment on anything which may affect their members. They are not saying that their members are illegal immigrants !
Any guesses on the outcome of their 'seeking legal advice'?
A Government Minister has also criticised this tactic but, of course, he's a LibDem Minister, not a Tory one, so I guess his views don't count !
Question Author
So I'm not allowed to comment on a news story in mikey land then! I see! It may be how you'd like it to be but we don't yet live in a marxist state.

It has everything to do with me as a member of the public. Valid and legal in all respects not sure what the Union is objecting to I was wondering if there was something I'd missed that made it relevant to Unite.
I think as the representative of one of if not the largest Unions, it may well impinge on the members of Unite.

The link I gave is rather more than a soundbite and gives more on his views.
Very well said Mamya.........the voice of sweet reason,as opposed to that of the extreme right.
I'm puzzled by the idea that UNITE wouldn't have any right to question this.
Do you think they are from the planet Zog or something?
You can comment on any news story you like Tora, and you don't need my permission either ! Whilst I may not always agree with your views, I would protect your right to voice them.

Nor sure what this has to do with a Marxist state though ?

Seems most of us here are of the opinion that Unite has every right to comment.
I think Mikey that 3T took this part of your post "What has it got to do with you ?" As you questioning their right to comment on the story, rather than the actual point you were making that Unite had as much right to comment or act on this issue as 3T does...

Mind you, that is chock full of assumptions, so feel free to correct as necessary :)
LazyGun...this is going to get a tad complicated, but ::::

My use of " what has it got to do with you ?" was meant as an attempt at irony, as this is the phrase that TTT used. After all, TTT's post was meant
( I think ? ) that he, or indeed she, thought it wasn't really the business of UNITE to comment on this news item.

If I have that wrong, then an apology for TTT may be required.

My brain is hurting now, so I am going to open a lovely bottle of Merlot from Lidl and start my weekend NOW !
I knew I should have left well alone, Mikey :) What I was attempting to convey was as your last post explains....

Think its beer time :)

So why have the media contacted him for his opinion.

Oh yes, to wind up right whingers.

Hook, line and sinker.

I'm selecting the pertinent points from the article.

// 6 vans ... week long pilot scheme //

// a complaint from a person // (note the singular)

// Not a crime //

// Len McCluskey //

I though the BBC were better than this.
Just another example of the unions trying to run the country again, where is a Maggi Thatcher when we need one?
/// Seems most of us here are of the opinion that Unite has every right to comment. ///

Now why am I not surprised, seeing that this is primarily a left-wing site.

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