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This is a democracy, AoG, that we live in. Governments pass laws, or implement measures and some people or organisations of people may dislike or disapprove of such measures.

In a democracy, they are perfectly entitled to express an opinion, to attempt to rally public support, or to seek a judicial review. You know, because thats how democracy works. You do understand this concept, right?
Well, we tolerate you aog ( just ) so us "left wingers " must be pretty nice people, all in all !
// this is primarily a left-wing site. //

How can that be so when AOG makes 60% of the posts. And Baz, Tora and youngmafbog another 20% between them. And the soft righties, emmie, naomi et al, another 10%?
Are those figures from the national office of statistics gromit? :)

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