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HPSauce | 08:45 Sat 15th Jun 2013 | News
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Almost without exception, whenever BBC Breakfast News interviews somebody, the interviewee is in the BBC's London studio, so clearly people have no desire to travel to Manchester to be interviewed.

This begs the question, was moving our state broadcaster away from our capital a folly?


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it was and is.
cost saving exercise, I suspect - London's expensive
sheer waste of money, not to mention what will they do with the iconic building they once occupied at Shepherds Bush
There is life above the Watford Gap though. Other countries function perfectly well with multiple centres which are utilised properly, it's about time the UK did as well, the fact that a lot of people who are interviewed are in London is to be expected and isn't really relevant as to whether the whole of UK news should be based there.
There are already many regional BBC studios scatterd about the place.
Another palace of excess full of talking heads 'oop narth' was a complete waste of money.
they haven't moved out the capital, this is the new broadcasting house.
1billion, good to know that the money is well spent.
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i suspect that is the case, either that they had money to burn, ours.
I suspect it's more to do with the fact that to renovate and bring the London studios into the 21st century would have cost twice as much as moving. What are those building and land worth for development in central London???
did you look at the link i provided,
i confess i am quite shocked at how many properties they do have
The BBC News Centre is in New Broadcasting House, London. Not Salford.
That is why many interviews take place there.

The BBC wasn't moved lock stock and barrel to Manchester, most of it is still in London. The BBC has always had regional centres, and have been in Manchester (Salford) for a century.

There were several reasons for expanding in Manchester, but attracting more Z list celebrities wasn't one of them. Wages, costs, and rents are cheaper outside of the capital, so the huge cost of the move of some departments will eventually save the Corporation money.

It should be remembered, it is the British Broadcasting Company, not the London Broadcasting Company.

But please carry on with your misinformed, ignorant twaddle.
The queen visited the €1billion New Broadcasting House this week, and was interviewed by John Humphreys.

Here is a Daily Mail link for those who don't follow the news
Don't blame them - I took my telesales team out of London and moved them to Wells, saving some 400k a year.
Than goodness the News Centre is still in London. By the time the news got to Salford, it would be two days old.
Not sure why I have gone all continental there. That should be £1billion.
anything that stops it being the Oxford Circus Braodcasting Corporation is fine by me.
Salford is not Spitzbergen, does have a funny pong to the place, but that's a result of having Man U on the doorstep.

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