Chris Huhne Resigns As Mp As He Faces Jail Sentence

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rojash | 14:19 Mon 04th Feb 2013 | News
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He said "having taken responsibility for something which happened 10 years ago..."

Shouldn't that have been "having FINALLY taken responsibility..."?


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Yes, and that obduracy should be taken into account in the severity of his sentence.
it should, wonder how long he will get. Bet you pound to a penny it isn't long, and it will be somewhere like Ford open prison..
Well Johnahon Aitken got an 18 months sentence - served 7 months also for perverting the course.

Seems to me that case was a bit worse so I'd wager about 12 months

Anybody want to join the sweepstake?
yes i will, i make it six months and he goes to an open prison. He shouldn't but that seems par for the course. I would bang him up for 2 years at least, perverting the course of justice, whilst being a minister, breaking the law, and indeed being a lying little toerag.
6 months to a year is the reckoning

Bet he comes out and has found god etc etc, got a new perspective blah blah yada yada....goes on to make a mint

For some crime does pay eventually ! or so it seems
Em - shall we get back down to earth for a moment - he lied and tried to get his wife to take his speeding points.

I doubt if it was someone who worked down the local factory you'd be showing such ferocity.

Yes MPs need to be held to a high standard of conduct but there has to be a sense of proportion too!

Put down the pitchfork and step away from the Daily Mail!
actually i would say the same, no one should ask another to take points for them, it's against the law, and quite honestly he should do two years. I am not being over the top, just saying what i think.
boll ox to the DM, this has nothing whatsoever to do with it, he should as a minister be held to a higher account, in pretty much the same way that establishment figures should, church, politicians, royalty, they have all had their say in our lives, how we should conduct ourselves for so long, yet all the time not sticking to their side of the bargain.
A prison sentence seems harsh to me for this kind of thing. Having said that I hope his wife gets equal treatment, and the judge doesn't fall for the 'coercion' defence. It's clearly a malicious act of revenge over the breakup of their marriage.
The fact that the offence happened 10 years ago; the subsequent brake-up of his marriage and the loss of his seat in the commons will probably mean he will get off lightly. As it does deserve a prison sentence this will be given but deferred on good behaviour.

Personally I would like to see him do some community work.
joe public would likely end up in prison so don't see why he should be exempt, why didn't he admit the offence before?
For persistently lying over those 10 years, in expectation of bullying his way through (even trying to get the current case dropped) he should receive a VERY SEVERE sentence - say three years or more.
his ex is up before the beak soon, wonder what will happen to her
£1 says he will get 18 months , serve 5 get out and carry on telling porkies, after all he is/was an MP.
Remember the offence isn't just the getting his wife to take the points as persistantly lieing about it and covering up.

I think a custodial sentence is appropriate but he's not being charged with misconduct in a public office or something like that.

An open prison is quite appropriate for someone where there is no risk of absconding on a short sentence
not least perjury, so why should he get a lesser sentence and a far cushier number if he ends up in Ford open prison. His career is over, marriage went west when he dumped his wife, and now this, how the mighty sometimes fall.
The people I want to see locked up are violent, dangerous, predatory types. Those that cause others to live in fear, if not destroy their lives altogether.
I want people like that to get long custodial sentences, but I don't see any of that in this crime.
He will get a light sentence, be treated as a VIP, get a soft job in prison ,be taken into town by the governor, only do at most half his sentence , he
will write at least one book and serialise his experinces in a news paper.

I bet he will get a reduced sentence because of the trauma and loss of his ministerial job.

One thing he wont have to do is pay for the cost of all trials and police time.
. . . and then he will become a television celebrity. Sickening isn't it?
bleating all the while it was his ex's fault for not playing ball..

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Chris Huhne Resigns As Mp As He Faces Jail Sentence

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