Never Been An Admirer Of Piers Morgan

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rojash | 18:22 Mon 24th Dec 2012 | News
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Reminiscent of the McCarthy era. Brits with common sense under the bed!
Yep. He has now done 1 thing that I think is worth applauding :)
He needs to calm down a bit and not lose his temper on-air

He may be an ok interviewer with cooperative interviewees, but he doesn't handle confrontation very well.

Most of these american right wingers and gun lobbyists could be made to look very stupid but it's an opportunity lost when it deteriorates into a shouting match.

And he is a foreigner. Even when people agree with a criticism of their country, it's often hard to take hearing it from a foreigner.

Even so. Top marks to Piers for saying what a lot of people are thinking.
As a non-American he'd do well to keep his mouth shut whilst actually living there or post his views from somewhere outside the US.

Doesn't the name Chapman mean anything to him?
Can we start a petition for them to keep him and throw in the Beckhams too! He ought to know that trying to talk about guns to the redneck mafia is like banging your head on a brick wall.
I do not like Piers Morgan but I watched this last night. Though his interviewee was very stupid, I think Piers lost it a bit. Better to give the the gun lobbyist enough rope to hang himself, but Piers just went for calling him a very stupid man.

It made for good telly, but He didn't win the interlectual arguement because he really is not very bright.
Bugger me, I actually agree with something this man says... truly, a christmas miracle :c)
And this is the man who published falsified front page pictures to discredit our fine soldiers facing death abroad.

What a hypocrite.
Everyone honest man is a hypocrite canary, in this instance he did the right thing- doesn't mean he always has, or indeed always will, but he spoke for peace and common sense and that shouldn't be argued with by anyone.
Is he playing the role of shock jock and deliberately setting out to alienate the pro gun lobby?

Everyone honest man is a hypocrite canary,/ I beg your pardon but Is this English ?
If an american came over here and spouted out about our laws and rules he would be told where to go .ah let him stay please
Only about 65000 have called for his explusion which out of a 300 million + population is a pretty small percentage. It brings controversy to him which will be good for his show!
But among that 65000 there might be one or two who thought he should be sent home in a box. Should he buy a bullet proof vest?
He's got a point, for once!

I always liked what Stephen Fry said about Piers Morgan, he said; If you kill your mother, it's matricide, if you kill your father, it's patricide - if you kill Piers Morgan, it's countryside!
Brionn- it's a pet peeve of the Irish that you lot don't use your language more flexibly and fluidly- but I'll let you off for not catching my drift, it's Christmas after all ;-)

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Never Been An Admirer Of Piers Morgan

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