Is this why the Brits are so fat?

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rojash | 13:28 Wed 18th Jul 2012 | News
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Research published in the Lancet today shows that the UK has the third most slothful population in Europe, with two-thirds of adults failing to take enough physical exercise to keep themselves healthy, according to research. Only in Malta and Serbia do the over-15s exert themselves less than in the UK


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Is this why the Brits are so fat?

A big contributory reason is sat on ones arse on the computer most of the day. Not that any of us are guilty of that.

snags - dunes on Mars

bible, can you do me the gas rings of Saturn next ?
Sorry em if you thought i was being abrasive? I didn't mean to be. But without looking at the link (not really got the time) I got the impression, from what you said, that it's fast food places and the whole food industries fault why we're all lardies. My argument is, that this attitude, blaming everyone else but ourselves for our jelly belly' s is probably the real culprit.
True, we should all eat less and exercise more (if we're overweight that is). That's the only way to lose weight imo.
Boo, the programme i mentioned was very detailed, and is mostly definitely worth a repeat, it's not just us stuffing burgers down our necks, that was the point i was making, it's whats in the stuff, not just the meat, so many fattening additives, i agree about eating too much, but why do those who don't still pile on the pounds? we are getting fatter as a nation, as have the Americans, and the same for many people in developing nations. Ones where their diet was considered good.
so something is changing our shapes and it isn't just overeating.
Hopefully they will repeat these programmes, fascinating and horrifying at the same time.
Sqad, tell them about dieting and putting weight back on, because this is a point you have made any number of times.....
Episode 3 has one day left:

Ab Editor, thank you, lets hope they do repeat it, very informative and should make us sit up and think about what we really do eat.
love the guy, he has a charming little lisp, not sure why i added that but thought you would like to know.
those companies are responsible in the same way the cigarette companies are for getting people addicted to smoking.

no they dont force you to eat their products all the time , they only need to get you to eat/drink them a couple of times and youre hooked.

They are drug delivery systems and they know it and they spend billions to keep people hooked, on "drugs" that work on certain parts of the brain in receptive people , but are cleverly disguised in the products they sell.
baz, well put, and that was the point of these various programmes.
Its not new , its just that those same companies will got to any lengths and also spend millions to keep reports etc of their activities out of the public eye.

how on earth companies like these are sponsoring the Olympics has got to be one of the biggest ironies ever.

The usual biggest sponsors of sport globally, cigarette companies, alcoholic drinks,McD, CocaCola, etc tend to be producers of the most unhealthy products you could possibly wish for
baz, sure that many see the awful irony in our Olympic sponsors.
Id like to know the details of how ths survey was carried out .until all the details are published I refuse to belive . Maybe we should have a survey to find out how many surveys people actually believe.
I rarely believe any of them weecalf. I know if I eat too much and don't exercise I put on weight, if I eat less and exercise more, I lose weight. Simple really ......

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Is this why the Brits are so fat?

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