Is this why the Brits are so fat?

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rojash | 13:28 Wed 18th Jul 2012 | News
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Research published in the Lancet today shows that the UK has the third most slothful population in Europe, with two-thirds of adults failing to take enough physical exercise to keep themselves healthy, according to research. Only in Malta and Serbia do the over-15s exert themselves less than in the UK


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We are not lazy and apathetic we are just ver
It's certainly a contributory factor. As we all know, eat less move more, is the only equation that works.
the maltesers are to blame
...I think though we are positively svelte compared to the Americans!
bibble... what is your avatar image?
// This week, Bank of America Merill Lynch identified the "global fight against obesity" as a "mega-investment theme". //
snags - dunes on Mars
Who are you calling fat?
i was goign to say close up after waxing....

take teh x boxes etc away and chuck them out after school,
Just Google "who are the fattest people in europe" and one is presented with a diverse set of opinions.

From The Mail


/// The UK comes top out of 20 European Union nations, with almost one in four people so fat they could face an early grave. ///

Germans are the fattest people in Europe.

Greeks are the fattest people in Europe

But this is strange

the English are the fattest people in Europe

Yet according to the Mail

/// Levels of fatness in Scottish children are second worst in the world, behind the U.S., while children in England are eighth
worst. ///

Britons are the fattest people in Europe

UK Women are the fattest in Europe (does my bum look big in these?)

Why don't they make up their minds?
Meanwhile, the fatheads at HMRC want to put VAT on 5-a-side football.
Obesity has now been linked to Cake Retention Syndrome
if anyone had bothered to watch the excellent series of programmes,
how men made us fat, there was enough information about the whys and wherefores of obesity in Britain, It would take a hour or more to explain on AB, but the upshot isn't just that we are eating more, but it's largely the fault of companies like McDonalds, coca cola, and the food industry in general. Perhaps if can find a link will post it on here, very informative but worrying programmes.
LOL mrs_o.
"but it's largely the fault of companies like McDonalds, coca cola, and the food industry in general"

Why is it? They don't force you at gunpoint through a drive in do they?
read the link, if you had watched the programme it gave excellent reasons for the problems we face, and i did say the food industry, not just the two i mentioned.
Well said BOO ...
wish people didn't feel the need to be abrasive if you try and give some sort of explanation. I know no one needs to eat McDonalds and drink coca cola, but they aren't the main problems.

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Is this why the Brits are so fat?

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