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No Pasty tax!!

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imhotep | 22:14 Mon 28th May 2012 | News
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It's very true people!!!
Just heard on the BBC News that the tax on hot pasties,etc. will now be withdrawn!!

Hoooray!! They have at last seen sense.
I think it's daft to even think of placing a tax on pasties.
All I'm waiting for now is for the government to get rid of the tax on fish and chips!!! :(


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But the tax on supermarket cooked chickens remains - which raises more than the pasty tax
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Hmm, that's true enough puternut!!
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Pasties don't seem to taste the same as they did when I was a younger.
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I couldn't agree more Katiekonker!
I guess they didn't think it through well enough, and probably couldn't agree what temperature the pasty should be before tax was added.
Really crazy ehh! Sheeesh!
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Tbh tigger I only have a pasty once in a while now.......and the Greggs shop in our town really does make some nice ones!! :P :P
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Sorry, but I have to sign off now peeps. I will look at any further comments tomorrow now.
Night all! -_-
Hurrahhh Greggs is saved from the evil one...
I saw an advert yesterday with Greggs products being sold in supermarkets. Will they taste the same though?
Not as simple as it seems.
Pasties sold direct from a hot cabinet or oven will still be charged VAT , but if they are sold from a shelf where they are cooling down there is no VAT .
So I presume if you want a hot pastie , and the shop gets it out of the oven or cabinet and leaves it on a shelf to cool then sells you it no VAT . But if the shop sells it and takes it straight out of the oven and hands it to you then there is VAT to pay . Daft or what ? I bet now they have to specify a time for it to be on the shelf or a temperature it has to cool to before it is VAT free.
Gregs will have to issue thermometers to all staff and get then to poke it into the pastie to see if it is cool enough to be VAT free.
Hasn't it been that way for years, though? VAT on hot food but not cold
Even more daft I have just seen that Hot Chicken , sausages or other hot savories sold from a supermarket has still got to have VAT . My supermarket takes the chickens / sausages out of the hot cabinet near closing time and sells them at a discount from a shelf so under the new law they should be VAT free.
This is going to be another 'when is a cake not a cake ?' answer 'when it's a biscuit!' debate . Remember the jaffa cake row ?
I can't believe such irrelevant c0bblers even gets on the news. For Funks Sake, I couldn't care less if they have a pie tax!
should be the same tax on all food, hot or cold. It would save piddling debates like this one.
"should be the same tax on all food, hot or cold. It would save piddling debates like this one."

While I empathise with your position (I can't believe this is the "national debate" we're stuck with!) - I do like the fact that raw veg is cheaper than, say, prepackaged/readymeal items. It's a helpful nudge for those who need to drop a few pound (of weight).
it's sold as hot if it's kept in a hot cabinet.

It's sold as cold if it's just out of the oven, and is being allowed to cool naturally.

So Greggs etc will turn off the hot cabinets.

They will bake small quantities more often, or keep food warm in the oven -

another victory for big business - good news for a nationwide chain of stores quoted on the stock exchange, less so for your local corner shop. All because Cameron is such a fan of Cornish pasties.
It was all a smokescreen to divert attention away from other very unpopular things in the budget.
And most of the UK swallowed it (no pun intended).. and a re still going on about it.
I used to bake pies and pasties in one of my supermarkets and had to charge VAT if I sold them from the oven. (this will be some 28 years ago) To get around this charge I had a microwave oven that was programmed to re-heat a pie or pasty at no cost to the customer. I did have to watch out for the budding science/terrorist little charmers who liked nothing better than to microwave a whole fresh egg. They used to enjoy the sound as the superheated contents blew out of the shell. Flogging was to good for them!!
The problem with making all food VAT free is that there would be no tax income from restaurants.

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No Pasty tax!!

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