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A dead cert !
The 'ooman rights solicitors, who must have made millions, will make sure he stays.
They will probably buy him a cat
He may win a few battles but I don't think he'll win the war.
sandyr, no he may not, but he and many like him have taken the p1ss out of our so called justice system.
not just our justice system, him and others like him take the pliss out of the country, they hate us but are happy to take vast amounts of money to support themselves and theyre stinking rotten families that have no intention whatsoever of adopting our culture or mixing, assimilating in way whatsover.
Well said,baz.
Question Author
Good point baz. Just like the nine Rochdale savages jailed last week.
I wonder why Bin Laden didn't make it to England. Judging by Qatada he would be given housing, benefits, top lawyers and would be walking the streets. Even Pakistan kicked his wives out so maybe they will find there way here.

/// I wonder why Bin Laden didn't make it to England. ///

How do we know he didn't?

Just a thought.

'stinking rotten families'?

You're a dick, aren't you?

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What's the betting he wins again?

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