Baroness Warsi: Grasping The Nettle?

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Philtaz | 14:17 Fri 18th May 2012 | News
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It would appear so:


Apparently she was urged to speak out and make this statement by her father.


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Gosh what a shock story

Do you think some *British* men think young white girls are fair game for sexual abuse too?

Did IQs suddenly tumble over lunch or what?
Question Author
I believe the Baroness is pointing the finger at those within a certain community who deem this sort of behaviour as trivial.

As far as I can tell there doesn't appear to be a role reversal scenario, jake-the-peg, hence no mention of it from the media, the Baroness or any other quarter.

Wassup, you got the hump 'cos you've been reading the LFC/KK threads elsewhere?
Good on her. Apparently, there is another case of a gang and white girl abuse under consideration in Rochdale.

It needs stamping on - and one must remember that 95 per cent or more Muslims are decent, family-loving, people and will not condone what these lads have been getting up to, or the very notion.
i wonder what the families of these men think. Do they stand by them, or disown them as having shamed the family. No one ever talks about that side of it at all.
Baroness Warsi says: ''Some Pakistani men think young white girls are 'fair game' for sex abuse.''

Didn't she mean to say: ''Quite a few Pakistani men think young white girls are 'fair game' for sex abuse.''?
sir.prize, that is what she said, at least according to the front page of the
The Evening Standard.
sorry, no she did say some, misread it -
The wives will stand by these men, as the shame to the family would be to disown them -
warsi........remind me, how much did she steal from the taxpayers ?
I like Baroness Warsi - I think she talks common sense a lot of the time. She`s right, some Pakistani men do think white girls are fair game. I would say the issue is that it`s Moslem men that think Western women are fair game. Having said that, a lot of Western men think Oriental women are fair game so Pakistanis are not necessarily unique in that respect.
not that any Labour party members were guilty........No Sir, no way, they wouldnt do that and what about the women.....who was that little red haired woman, Hazel errrr?
but we arent talking about blears or anybody so why mention her ?
Good for her. It takes guts to condemn your own!

I cant believe some of you defend these schitts - God forbid your daughters or sisters are so misused.
bit dramatic tambourine - no-one is defending them at all!

/// I cant believe some of you defend these schitts - God forbid your daughters or sisters are so misused. ///

Don't concern yourself tamborine some just do not like certain groups to be criticised, accused or condemned, no matter what their crimes, much easier to condemn the victims or their parents or their lifestyles, makes it more easy on their over zealous liberal thinking minds.

Even when such persons as Baroness Warsi, Trevor Phillips the chairman of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, or even Nazir Afzal, the Chief Crown Prosecutor for the North West of England, speak out against these sick perverts, some would sooner criticise these leading figures that put the blame fairly at the door of those who have committed these disgusting acts.

Good for Bns Warsi, she's endorsing what the Rochdale religious leaders were saying on the telly at the time of the court cases.
Who abuses who is irrelevant. As long as each incident is investigated thoroughly and those responsible brought to justice....job done. It is a lot easier and, arguably, more effective if the spectre of a lengthy prison sentence is lingering in the minds of would-be perpertrators, rather than trying to change generations-old attitudes in those who are more prone to carry out such vile crimes.

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Baroness Warsi: Grasping The Nettle?

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