Is Bradford now mostly muslim?

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d9f1c7 | 10:28 Fri 30th Mar 2012 | News
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Or is there another explanation as to why they'd elect Saddam's bets mate?


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16% Muslim. Hardly "mostly Muslim".
He did the same in Bethnal green for one term.

I really don't know about the muslim vote, but I do no all his activists will have been knocking on every door for weeks, Labour thought they had it in the bag and the Torys didn't bother.

Proof of the pudding will the next time.
should've added, that was 2001. The figure may have quadrupled since then, of course.
Sad news for the Loonies:

Howling Laud Hope (Loony) 111 (0.34%)

No one voted for hope?
69.3% of Bradford's population is white; 26.1% Asian.

Christians makes up over 60% of the people and Muslims nearly 17%. 13% claim to be of no religion.

So the short answer is, no.
No less than 20% are Muslim, maybe people are just sick of not having a legitimate option in the labour party ( who let's face it might as well be the conservatives) and who went into a war that costs the lives of thousands worldwide on the premise of lies and deciet. I'd personally like to see Blair and B ush indicted as war criminals but this cheered me up this morning and will have to do.
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So have they taken leave of their senses? Why would they elect Saddam's boot licking anti western, anti British, traitor? I'd rather vote Liberal than vote for GG.
I don;t consider George Galloway to be any of those things D9, I actually think he is one of the few principled politicians there is ( well as principled as any politician can be- bit of an oxymoron really).
But the turnout was only 50%.

And if a high majority of Muslims / Asians come out to vote (26% of the population), then almost half the people voting could be Muslim / Asian.

And remember that almost all the problems we have had in the UK with "scam" postal voting has been Asian related so it would not surprise me if many of the people who postal voted actually had no idea they actually DID postal vote.
NOX really? Principled? You have a short memory.
successive British governments supported Saddam (eg in the Iran-Iraq war). Why pick out Galloway?
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Do a search on you tube for Galloway boot licking Saddam Hussain. principled!? don't make me laugh.
You're all entitled to your opinions, I'm entitled to mine and that is that there is no such thing as a truly principled poilitician but there are men who stand up and say what they believe whether that's popular or not- and I think on this occasion that's paid dividends for Galloway, so yes he's more principled than most politicians, is that simple enough for you?
I tend not to use youtube as a source of legitimate information tbh D9 ( or Wiki).
Galloway actually beat a muslim into second place. If Bradford was now mostly muslim, the muslim Labour Candidate would have won.

Bradford West has for the last 15 years been represented by a Sikh.
good point, Gromit, I hadn't spotted that.
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NOX it was all over the news proper at the time, you must have seen it...
"I salute you sir.......etc" pass the sick bucket!
read this and tell me Galloway's acted any differently from Thatcher

£1 billion spent propping up Saddam
He'll be voted out at the next election when they realise he is more interested in being a celebrity than an MP.
<<In 1994, Galloway faced some of his strongest criticism on his return from a Middle-Eastern visit during which he had met Saddam Hussein "to try and bring about an end to sanctions, suffering and war". At the meeting, he reported the support given to Saddam by the people of the Gaza Strip and ended his speech in English with the statement "Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability". In a January 2007 edition of the BBC's Hardtalk he stated that he was saluting the "Iraqi people". Galloway's speech was translated for Hussein. Anasal-Tikriti, a friend of Galloway's and a Respect candidate, spokesman for the Muslim Association of Britain said: "I understand Arabic and it [Galloway's salutation] was taken completely out of context. When he said "you" he meant the Iraqi people, he was saluting their indefatigability, their resolve against sanctions. Even the interpreter got it right and, in Arabic, says salutes the stand of the Iraqi people'.">>

Hope that clears up the misunderstanding for you, d9f1c7 ?

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