How dopey are some people?

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d9f1c7 | 12:46 Fri 30th Mar 2012 | News
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decanting petrol woth an open jug in a kitchen with the gas cooker on! That's got to be one for the Darwin awards.


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No sympathy? She has 40% burns!!
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yes I have sympathy of course but the stupidity of some never ceases to amaze!
It might seem a bit daft. But then again, our government has been encouraging us to panic buy petrol, and dear old Francis Maude told us to hoard it in jerry cans. How dopey was that?
Some people just don't know, they somehow manage to miss vital life saving information. Usually, they aren't even that dopey. Or they just take the risk thinking it won't happen to them.
Definitely a candidate for the Darwin.

How dumb can you get?
Jerry cans You would thing in this day and age he would know we have got a all Maude Cons
I'm sorry, it might not by sympathtic, but all I can picture is Wiley Coyote after the Acme dynamite has gone off.
I've seen a bloke filling up his car at the petrol station whilst smoking a fag.
I wonder if some Injury Claims firm will suggest she sues Francis Maude.
A lot of people are trying to blame the government for this. Whilst i don't think it was a good suggestion I assume that the idea was to fill a can at the pump and then use it to fill the car as required- as some people do already. I am sure there was no suggestion that you transfer it in the kitchen
No..transfer it and store it in the garage! Problem with that? How many people haven't got a garage?
I've seen plenty of blokes and blokesses filling up their cars at the petrol station whilst using a mobile phone.
The dangers of that are quite minimal DT.
Loads of people don't have garages. But you do have to be pretty simple not to understand how flammable petrol is and decanting it next to an open flame is a bad idea.
It was also only one person who retracted it later in the day didn't he? If an individual from the Govt told us to jump off cliffs would we do it without weighing up the risks first?
Sorry ummmm- I still think it's dumb. (Nice rhyme to that.)
If you don't have anywhere to store it, don't do it. I don't see a big problem with storing it in a garage- we already do that in a way if we put our car in the garage.
If you don't have a garage you don't have to do. Similarly if you don't have a proper storage container, surely it's obvious you wouldn't store it in a bucket.
Anyway, this is about decanting it in the kitchen near a gas flame- which is dumb.

I don't like the government advice though
It's amazing what people do. Some of them fairly intelligent.
''Or they just take the risk thinking it won't happen to them''

More fool them. Transferring highly flammable liquid in the vicinity of a lit gas cooker for funks sake...
What was she trying to separate from the petrol?

Or was she just transferring it to another container and not decanting it?
will the goverment tell us the money they have conned out of the motorist when they are sure the aint gonna be a strike at all
ummmm, well I for one haven't got a garage to keep my jerry cans in. And quite honestly, factor, I do blame the government for handling this really badly. Wouldn't it have made more sense to remind people about the best ways of keeping your fuel consumption down, e.g. switching off your engine while waiting 20 mins in a petrol queue, keeping your speed down, getting the kids to walk to school once in a while, car sharing, working from home, etc, etc? Ah, but then if we all economised on petrol, how much would the government lose in fuel duty? Not sure what the stats are post budget, but last year it was around 64%.

Sorry, I know that was a bit of a rant, but grrrrrrrr!!!

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