School Shooting in France

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Eve | 10:23 Mon 19th Mar 2012 | News
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Just seen this on Sky News:

There is a reference to earlier attacks and rumors of a link to forces personnel who served in Afghanistan but, if it is linked, why a school?


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Because if you want to terrorise a country, then attacking their children will do that.

Remember the Beslan School massacre in Russia?


If this is the work of an al qaeda type group, they can justify it by the number of children that have been killed in Afghanistan. Rogue soldier Robert Bales murdered 9 children last week.

I do not mean the murders can in any way be justified, I mean the people who do this justify it to themselves as retribution for the west's 'crimes'.
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Thanks Gromit, don't worry I know what you meant. It's just awful.

I saw a brief discussion on This Morning and they were saying it is likely to spread to here and other places and that security is likely to be stepped up in areas with a high Jewish population like here, especially schools in places such as Manchester and London.
It seems the killer was targeting ethnic minorities. Someone using a similar m.o. had killed a number of French soldiers of North African and West Indian descent a week before in the same area.
This would appear to be a right wing, neo-nazi attacker. I guess ten year old children make an easier target as they are unlikely to be able to fight back.
could be right wing or Iranian.....and think of the repurcussions of that.

The attack today was on a Rabbi and his sons, one other kid caught in the flak; could well be a targeted assassination.
Why is it a right wing nazi. He,or she, is just a complete nutter.
It could be a right wing nutter because the victims are Jewish, or it could be a terrorist cell in a revenge attack for the Afghanistan murders by that American soldier or it could just be a random nutter- anyone's guess at the moment.

/// It could be a right wing nutter because the victims are Jewish, ///

Eh, haven't we all see pictures of Islamic extremists, waving placards with "Death to all Jews" scrawled on them?
Yes we have. But Nox said 'it could be' not 'it is' so is quite correct

It could be a right wing nutter also because the shooting is linked to an earlier killing of soldiers of african or north african origin
It had to be either a white supremacist or a muslim extremist, now we know which.
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Whoever it is, hopefully an end if it's a lone shooter as police are in stand off with the suspected shooter - let's hope for an end:

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School Shooting in France

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