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Only one - possibly - since the first line of your link confirmed that the shooting is not terrorist-related.

So why do you think there are two?
It al depends on what the personal dispute at the School was about - terrifying certainly.
one wasn't according to the front page but a personal dispute.
don't know about the other, will read further.
Do you read your own links?
Too early to tell what the underlying reaon is.

Not good though

The incident came shortly after an explosion at the International Monetary Fund's offices in Paris, where a suspected parcel bomb injured a woman.
that was from your link
A Greek Group have claimed responsibility for the one sent yesterday , wonder if there may be a connection with this one?
Meanwhile from the BBC report on the shooting:
"Grasse, the capital of France's perfume industry, is about 44km (27 miles) from the city of Nice, where a lorry attack in July killed 86 people. " (!!!!!)
That should (but probably won't) be a reply to those who think the BBC is somehow trying to hush things up :-)
Question Author

Apparently the report has been upgraded since I posted the Breaking News report.

Also note that I put a question mark after my headline, if there was any question that they turned out not to be terror related.
Question Author

/// Do you read your own links? ///

Forever sitting on the fence always ready to jump in with your snide remarks.

My thread posted at 12.48, report updated 13.05.

Read my answer to AH before you once again make a complete fool of yourself.
yup almost certainly (terrorist) because ....
the authorities are stressing this is NOT terrorist related

1.well they would wouldnt they ?
2. AOG knows they are not terrorist related but has asked if they are - in order to stimulate debate ( oh pleeez) - . Or as I would say he has nothing better to do with his time besides ask why so and so is the case when he knows so and so is NOT the case - but poses the question anyway
3. we are in the world of alternative facts ( thx to Sean Spicer - "hey Sean met any nice indian girls in the local deli today ? " ) a world where 'the fact is A' is met with the alternative view ' the fact is NOT A'

why oh why have we had no threads stating that Gerd Wilders has won an overall majority in Holland as widely predicted ? and that the Nige and Trumpo are on planes to congratulate him as this very moment as I scribble

well it didnt occur you might say
o heavens that doesnt matter - just say it has ! This is AB after all ......
This might not be a terrorist attack but I wonder where a seventeen year old got hold of grenades?
// we are in the world of alternative facts ( thx to Sean Spicer - "hey Sean met any nice indian girls in the local deli today ? "//
PP 14:38

It wasn't a "deli" pp. It was an Apple store....Not a store that sells apples, or blackberries, or oranges for that matter. Haha.
Definite terror attack this morning, aog.
Well, 2 murdered by a knife wielder shouting Allah Akbar.
They're hoping to find an alternative script.
The parcel bomb was sent from Greece

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Two More Terror Attacks In France?

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