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Lawence Killers Sentence

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AB Editor | 11:16 Wed 04th Jan 2012 | News
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  • Yes, the law is the law. - 60 votes
  • 37%
  • Yes, but the law is an ass. - 59 votes
  • 36%
  • No. - 43 votes
  • 27%

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They were juveniles.

It doesn't sit well but, you can't change the facts.
C No.
I would drop them in a Oubliette
But Ron...They were juveniles.

Should all juveniles be tried as adults?
An eye for an eye. Stab them both & let them bleed to death VERY, VERY SLOWLY.

It's got to be "A", odd as it might seem now.

Whiskeyron, your comment puts you on a lower level than them!
Yes, otherwise where do you draw the line. I imagine the sentence won't be that reduced as they have a fair bit of previous don't they?
Doesn't it Ratter.

I kinda whooped when I heard the guilty verdict. They were kids though.

I hope they have a horrible time in prison....Our laws are right though.
They'll get the max....what is it? 12 or 14 years?
I think cos it was racial there will be a loading on it.
Sentencing for racial crimes has become more severe since the original crime, too. Likewise, there are other identified gang members who might have been charged if forensics had been better at the time.

It's all regrettable, but the principle of retrospective law has to be applied in every case.

Suppose there was some change in the law making smoking a crime, and it was backdated to 2000? Would the people who want to change the rules for these killers agree to that?
nice one, Mahatma
I think the minimum term is 12 years - although I could be wrong. Now it would be 25 I think.
When you think though, the law my be an ass but if the double jeopardy wasn't overhauled we wouldn't even be having this conversation.
I sincerely hope they run into trouble with inmates,and receive some "schooling"..
Interesting: suppose (God forbid) capital punishment made a comeback - would murders committed before its re-introduction be liable only to life sentences? Or should murders convicted for crimes committed before the abolition of the death penalty be hung nonetheless?
Let them be sentenced as juveniles but let the sentences reflect the racially aggravated circumstances of the killings, within the law.
Had they had been tried at the time this question would not have arisen.There are reasons why it has taken so long, not least of all the errors and fumblings of the police. For that reason I do not believe they should be sentenced as adults. A quote from the victims mother ,whilst not agreeing with my reasoning, does ackjnowledge the errors made....quote below....
How can I celebrate when I know that this day could have come 18 years ago if the police who were meant to find my son's killers [had not] failed so miserably to do so.
There is some talk in certain newspapers that they will be sentenced at 'Her Majesty's Pleasure'. I have no idea whether that is true though.

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Lawence Killers Sentence

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