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stephen lawrence .

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anneasquith | 17:41 Tue 03rd Jan 2012 | News
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2 men have been convicted of the murder of stephen lawrence in 1993, what a dreadfully long time for justice to be done.


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Better late than never. The family of Stephen may get some 'closure' now.
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sorry sandy, didnt see your post in CB.
It's good news for his family that justice has finally been done after such a long time.
One of my best friends at school was murdered delivering newspapers in 1978,he was just 13. He was shot in the head with a shotgun.

A gang of known armed robbers were convicted of his murder but subsequently released after years of appeals and their convictions quashed.

Still see his Mom and Dad out and about,they kept a dignified silence throughout ,putting their faith in our justice system which ultimately let them down.
They been waiting nearly 34 years to see their sons real killer found.
Let's hope similar efforts are made to give them justice and some piece of mind.
RIP Carl..Never forgotten.
WBA was it Carl Bridgwater?
I remember that case, WBA - was living in Lichfield at the time. I had forgotten how long ago that was. Wasnt there a suggestion that at least some of those originally convicted were guilty, but they had to be let go because the police had manufacture evidence or something? Details are a bit blurred now.

Re Stephen Lawrence. I think the parents have had to wait a long time for any sort of justice.Whats that saying? the wheels of justice grind slowly, but exceedingly fine. Do they have a right of appeal?
Yes Ladybirder
MightyWBA, didn't the police get the right people then, but make a mess in their dealings with one of those they arrested?
They had their convictions for the murder quashed sandy but were found guilty of robbing other farmhouses previously.
Therefore nobody was found guilty of the murder and the case remains "on file"
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It is shameful that the murderers of Pc Keith Blakelock have not been pursued with the same vigour as the murderers as this man.
"of this man"
The original private prosecution brought by the Lawrence family in (I think) 1996 named five suspects, including Dobson and Norris. The case against two of them (Norris and Jamie Acourt) collapsed before reaching court. Three others (Dobson, Neil Acourt and Luke Knight) were acquitted following a trial.

The latest trial against Dobson and Norris relied upon fresh forensic evidence, not available in 1996, and I imagine this was only sufficient to convict those two.

You need to read up on that case. The police fitted up the wrong man.

Did you not know that? It was REALLY well reported.
Yes, but there is a parallel, sp.

In the Blakelock case the police made a balls up of the investigation resulting in the killer remaining at large. Similarly in the Lawrence case the police made a cock-up resulting in the killer(s) remaining at large.

But there the similarity ends. In the former the person fitted up was released, compensated and the killer remained at large. In the latter the private prosecution (which was ill-conceived) failed. But then a public enquiry was arranged into the behaviour of the police and one of the recommendations coming out of that enquiry suggested that the “double jeopardy” rule be relaxed thus allowing a second prosecution for the same offence.

It is true that the Blakelock case has never been closed (in fact a 40 year old man was arrested and questioned last year, but no charges were forthcoming). But nothing like the facilities afforded to the Lawrence case have been provided to bring PC Blakelock’s murderer to book.
so... the mother who provided an alibi.. will she be charged with anything?

The reason that the Lawrence case was kept in the public eye is because of the actions of his parents.

Who was doing the same for Blakelock?
The Metropolitan Police should have done so. But for reasons best known to them, they did not.
yes justice was a long time in coming...these 2 will be dead men walking in the nick...
Will they be dead men walking? Arent they friends of known criminals?
i should imagine there are sympathisers for the lawrence family on the inside as well teddyboy...

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stephen lawrence .

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