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Two jailed for trying to blow-up mosque.

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anotheoldgit | 12:56 Fri 09th Dec 2011 | News
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These two pieces of lowlife have been given 10 years for trying to blow-up a mosque causing over £50,000 worth of damage.

One an Ex-Soldier was also reported to be once a BNP and EDL member, maintained that it was committed in retaliation for the Muslim poppy burning.

I do not in anyway condone what these two have done, but what I do question is the length of their jail sentence, this of course is not in the least excessive taking into consideration what they had done, but compared with the the light sentences metered out to others and some of those rioters it all seems rather unbalanced.

/// Ch Supt Bernie O'Rielly, from Staffordshire Police said "The community around this area have been an absolute credit. They've acted with such restraint and so dignified in the face of such provocation." ///

Why is it that the 'community' are always praised in such a way, when other more balanced members of the public than these two, take no action against poppy burners, troop insulters etc.?


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<<No justice if you are white or christian>>

Some credible evidence of people denied justice for the reason that they were <white or christian> might add some credibility to your rather vague and flimsy assertion.
Another squaddie who learned how to behave in the army!
Question Author

And like those who learn how to behave in Mosques?
rov1100 at 12.44 - WELL SAID.

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Two jailed for trying to blow-up mosque.

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