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Organ donation - opt out

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dave50 | 17:54 Wed 09th Nov 2011 | News
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Why do people object to having to opt out of donating their organs as is being suggested? What use are they to anyone, left to rot in the ground or burnt in an incinerator? What a waste. There is no logical argument against organ donation, it's just supersticious selfish nonsense that causes a shortage of donors.


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I suspect many feel they not the State own their bodies, even after death when relatives have to do what they think you would want; and feel is a step too far to have to consciously opt out of the State grabbing bits, regardless of how much good it may do.
many would object on religious grounds i'm sure, and there shouldn't be a time when the government can tell you what you can do with your body after death, it should always be your choice, certainly in respect of organ donation. That may be selfish, well so what, and not everyone would be a suitable donor, not from the data/report i looked at a while back.
But it is our choice. We can chose to opt out.
what happens if there is a black market in organ retrieval in Britain, not unheard of, so unscrupulous doctors could in effect take your various marketable organs, because the government guidelines said they could, and then those are sold to someone waiting for a kidney, liver, heart, perhaps overseas, not sure how that would be the right way to go.
I personally don't have any objections who does what to my corpse once it's dead, however what use my overweight, smoke addled body will be to anyone is beyond me! I can however see why some people would object to having their organs donated, and they're quite within their rights to opt out if they so wish.

I'll admit i'm extremely fuzzy on any religious matters, but could some peoples objections have something to do with the fact their bodies won't be going to heaven/afterlife/wherever if they aren't whole and intact???
the opt-out thing is a really good idea in my opinion.
anyone who feels strongly, for all sorts of legitimate reasons, that they want to hang on to all their bits after death can do just that by opting out. it's neither supersticious or selfish, it's personal choice.
the government aren't telling you what to do with your body, they're giving you a choice, just as they are at the moment, except it's a different choice.
they can have anything they like of me once i'm dead but i fully understand and support those who feel differently.
The main reason is to do with the fact that I want to be sure I'm dead before they rip out the spare parts, I don't like the idea of ideallists playing god in the backs of ambulances.
A bit like supporting those websites that automatically sign you up for spam when you register, unless you opt out. Perhaps we can assume everyone is signed up for everything unless they explicitly opt out. That sounds like fun. You didn't opt out of the cricket bat around the head so thwack ! I think I'll opt out of my house being burgled tonight.
Simples - at the age of 18 everyone is given an option to either :

- do nothing (in which case you accept organs if needed and donate yours after death)

- opt out (in which case you are abandoning your right for replacement parts, but get to keep your own after death)
I'd sooner opt in, for the reason OG gives, but this argument comes up every couple of years and I'm always shouted down.
Ah but the Welsh authorities are pushing for it now aren't they ?
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Can anyone honestly say "I would refuse a transplant if I needed it" ...

... if not then any haggling about allowing your own organs to be used as a donation smacks of double-standards at best and hypocrisy at worst.
I'm all for an opt-out system.

I have yet to hear a reasoned sensible argument against the opt-out system, and I certainly don't buy the old guff about cavalier medics whipping out organs left, right and centre on people that may still be alive.

I assume Old_Geezer's arguments in his post of 17.14 were tongue in cheek.

I'd go further - those that decide to opt out forfeit their right to be recipients.
Agree with flip flop absolutely.
that's the most cockeyed bit of illogic I've ever heard sunny Dave. By your logic you can't have a transfusion unless you give blood!
<<assume Old_Geezer's arguments in his post of 17.14 were tongue in cheek. >>

Not sure they were. Opt out may be a pragmatic solution to the organ shortage but it does set a precedent that the state owns your body unless you request otherwise and that does not sit well for many.

I'm sure your local hospital would be delighted if you left your estate to them when you die and could do wonderful things with it.

Here's an idea - let's assume the local hospital have the legal right anyway to just take everything you leave when you die.
You can of course opt out if you wish.
Nobody would want mine :-(
But do you opt out mob trust them to wait till you are brown bread before whipping them out?
the difference is that bood is "replaceable"

I agree with flip on this one.

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Organ donation - opt out

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