So a poke in the eye for Veggies ?

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youngmafbog | 13:10 Tue 31st May 2011 | News
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So eating vegatables can give you e-coli. Sounds a good enough reason to dodge them for me, line up the meat !!

Has Spain really got good cause to be angry at having bans and fingers pointed at them though ?


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Apparently the source is still unclear...........

But that hasn't stopped Europe-wide previous 'food-panics', has it ?
I don't think e coli affects the eyes much

- apart perhaps from a bit of watering whilst hunched over the porcelain.
Although unproven, the e-coli is most likely to come after inadequate refrigeration, inappropriate storage or poor water quality.

Personally I won't be avoiding vegetables, but I will continue to buy British and in season. We have no need to buy cucumbers form Spain any more than we need to buy apples from New Zealand or poultry from Poland. Instead we should support our own farmers and cut out the cost and dangers of storage and transport.
i'm more concerned about the crimes against cucumbers perpetrated by come dine with me contestants
shyte - where's the bog? I have just eaten a Spanish cucumber.
You should have left a little bit to use as a cork.
What sort of coli did we have before the arrival of the internet?
I suppose if it was apples it would be i-coli !
Snail-coli. Wait until it's found in Apples, then it'll be iColi
Bad soda - pepsi coli
bad films cubby broc-coli
An affliction that affects one's ability to speak intelligibly

- cheryl coli
I have yet to see any evidence that this unusual form of E.coli originated in Spain, but if so why just Spanish cucumbers? Why not Spanish tomatoes?

If the Germans were lacking evidence of the Spanish origin of the infection, then they should have kept quiet.
If it's in the eye they're using it wrong.
Or Spanish onions.
AOG...;-) does anybody eat raw onions? Spanish or otherwise?
Errr yes, i do.
BOO...err! I should have guessed.

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So a poke in the eye for Veggies ?

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