What is happening to Justice in this country

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youngmafbog | 11:30 Wed 30th Mar 2011 | News
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Now a soft judge has let a drugs dealer, who was caught with 50K of drugs including crystal meth, off with a 12 month suspended sentence.

This man was peddling in death, just what planet are our judges on?


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Knowing nothing about this case would speculate that the dealer has been 'helpful to police' and informed on some of the big boys.
have to agree with you for once here, that's ridiculous! I was livid after reading how Kelvin Etuhu who used to play for Man City was jailed for 8 months for breaking a mans jaw in a fight.. that's fair enough, but the 20 year old lad who knocked out my gf's 61 year old dad, for no reason at all, punching him from behind, with previous for the same, got a suspended sentence and didn't have to pay any compensation unless he reverted to crime to pay for it, even though his dad owns night clubs in Liverpool! There's no consistency so how can that be a real deterrant?

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What is happening to Justice in this country

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